The shocking testimonies of Marco van Basten on how football has affected his health


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Former striker of Ajax and Milan, three times winner of Gold balloon, he made some shocking confessions to the aforementioned source. Van Basten, one of the most valuable strikers of all time, an important man in the mechanism built by Silvio Berlusconi to Milan he says that even today he cannot hit the ball, with pleasure, on a football field.

Marco van Basten: “Gmy leg is fixed, I can’t shoot, I can’t do anything with my foot “

Ex number 12 of Euro 1988, in the famous national team Rinus Michels, he was operated on several times before retiring by the famous Dr. Mertens in Belgium.

In the discussion with journalists from BBC Radio, the brilliantly executed Dutchman revealed that he enjoys life even without football.

“All the pain I had was not worth it. My ankle created so many problems, it affected my daily life. But at that time football was my whole life. Now I’m older, I had a life without football. lately, you can still have a good life, there is more to football, today I would make a different decision if I could choose.

I can’t play football today. It’s too hard, my ankle is fixed, I can’t shoot, I can’t do anything with my foot. Not a day has passed in my life that I haven’t touched the ball and all of a sudden it’s over! It was very hard, painful “, Van Basten told BBC Radio.

  • 90 goals In 147 games, Van Basten scored for AC Milan between 1987 and 1995

Adrian Bumbescu: “Van Basten was impossible to score”

Adrian Bumbescu, the stelist who scored Van Basten In 1989, he introduced the Dutchman in an interview with Digi Sport.

“I would put Marco van Basten in first place. In the match against Milan I used all the arsenal, but it was impossible to score.

Okay, at the time they benefited from a game mechanism that had the couple of forwards as their final point (no: Van Basten was paired with Ruud Gullit), plus a formidable midfield “, the current coordinator of CSA Steaua’s junior center told Digi Sport.

Marco van Basten: “My liver was destroyed by the painkillers. I had so much pain in that damn ankle, I was desperate. “

In February, the former striker who scored two goals in the 1989 CCE final for Steaua, 4-0 in Barcelona, ​​told step by step what he was thinking the night he decided to retire.

“I can say that I stopped playing when I was 28. I won three golden balloons. Now I look at Messi and Cristiano, players over 30, in their form.

The night I retired, I thought football was the only thing in my life. At the time, everything seemed a disaster. I was 31 and hadn’t played for three years. My liver was destroyed by the painkillers. I had so much pain in that damn ankle, I was desperate.

When I felt better, I realized I was depressed. I was just focused on my pain. I was wondering why I was suffering so much and couldn’t find answers. I called my surgeon and accepted the offer to permanently lock my ankle. I couldn’t run anymore, but I didn’t suffer anymore ”, Van Basten recounted the ordeal that forced him to retire.

Marco van Basten won the Ballon d’Or three times in 1988, 1989 and 1992.

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