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The seller of Darknet tries to sell 100,000 KYC documents hacked by the major cryptocurrency bags

A darknet provider is trying to sell 100,000 know-your-customer (KYC) documents allegedly stolen from major exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex.

The seller, who publishes on the Darknet & # 39; Dread & # 39; under the name ExploitDot, claims to have obtained details from a security breach of a third-party KYC solution provider.

Among the data available for sale there are "customer selfies", together with "scanned documents" and "proof of address".

The documents were listed for $ 10 per 100 documents, which means that the entire catalog of illicit data would be sold for $ 10,000.

Later, the user added a new post stating that he would be willing to delete all documents if the community raised funds through a crowdfunding exchange.


ExploitDot wrote: "Should I try to start a crowdfunding in exchange for deleting all the compromised documents? This is encrypted, if you have ever sent a KYC probability there are also your documents in my landfill."

He added: "None of the documents are sold to terrorists or to people who use the documents for fraud or theft by the users, my goal is to reach an amount that will help me work on my legal activity with my ideas that could change the world, otherwise I'll just die trying it out.Thank you for your time, I'm really interested in your opinion. "

The alleged data breach shows the fragility of exchanges and their security procedures. If the data were genuine, they could drive cryptocurrant advocates of regulated trade and decentralized trade, which generally do not require identity verification.


The user has continued to mention that the exchanges in question "completely deny" that the information has been violated, although "there are clearly documents with" Binance "," Poloniex "and such writings on paper".

Binance has shown a transparent approach when it comes to security. The managing director, Changpeng Zhao, recently confirmed that the funds sent to Binance by encryption of the cryptophythm have been "frozen".

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