The security firm asks for exchanges to help him find Ethereum's "Classic Attacker"


The Chinese security firm SlowMist said it had sufficient evidence to identify the culprit of recent chain attacks on classic ethereum.

In an article published on Wednesday, SlowMist summarized most of their analysis on ethereum classic, specifying the three addresses of the wallet and four hashes of transactions that launched two-day reorganization block (reorg) attacks on the network. The company also confirmed the information released by the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

Both SlowMist and Coinbase said that double losses occurred as a result of blocking reorg, with SlowMist claiming that a total of seven transactions were withdrawn from the network and 54,200 ETCs (almost $ 270,000) spent a second time.

Stating that these attacks started as early as Saturday 7:58 PM UTC, the company points out that similar attacks on the network have now stopped, with the latest occurring Tuesday at 4:30 UTC.

SlowMist also said that he is still trying to find out where exactly the identified addresses are, that the company said can be deduced "if the relevant exchanges are willing to help".

Speaking with CoinDesk, SlowMist identified, Bitrue and Binance as the exchanges with which they are working to identify the attacker.

When asked to process the exact information beyond the geography that SlowMist is trying to identify about those behind the attack, the team responded in an email that could not disclose such information, calling it "a secret".

Both and Bitrue have issued public statements on their official Twitter accounts, requesting 40,000 ETCs and 13,000 ETCs in double spending on their respective trading platforms.

The classic developers of Ethereum are working closely with the SlowMist team to identify the origin of these attacks and will meet today during a private Discord call at 17:00. UTC to discuss the usable elements that go on.

Before this meeting, the classic developers of ethereum tweeted a summary of the current priorities for the community, underlining that "we will not resume the chain or restore the events on the chain under any circumstances".

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Wolfie Zhao contributed to the report.

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