The Secret Service increases Biden’s protection against possible victory


Intelligence began this Friday to increase the number of agents protecting US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden before the results give him an election victory, the Washington Post reported, citing two sources familiar with plans, EFE review.

Biden already had intelligence protection from March, when he won the Democratic presidential nomination, although the number of agents would increase if he became president-elect.

According to the Post, the new agents are on their way to the convention center in Wilmington, Delaware, the Democratic candidate’s home town and where members of the Biden campaign are awaiting tally results in key states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada. North Carolina and Arizona.

Biden has 264 delegates in Electoral College (although some media question Arizona’s 11), while Trump has 214. Both need a minimum of 270 to win the election.

If the results give Biden victory, the Democratic leader automatically intends to address the nation, for which the secret services want to be prepared.

Biden received intelligence protection for six months after leaving the White House, where he served as Vice President of Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017.

The code name that the secret services gave it then was “Celtic” (“Celtic” in English), a designation that has returned to use during this election campaign, two accounts familiar with the matter told CNN in March. . EFE

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