The Russian COVID-19 vaccine has begun to be massively applied in Moscow

Moscow began the COVID-19 vaccination campaign with the Sputnik V vaccine on Saturday.
, starting with health workers and social services and teachers, said the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobianin.

In his blog, the president recalled that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered on Wednesday to start the large-scale vaccination process to initially protect groups at risk and assured that in the case of Moscow the campaign could start this Saturday.

“All the technological and organizational infrastructure has already been built. Specialized storage facilities were selected and chillers were prepared and refrigerated containers for the supply of vaccines, “wrote Sobianin.

The The vaccination centers are also equipped with medical refrigerators and the workers were trained to administer Sputnik V.

“To test the massive mechanism of mass vaccination, we are opening a electronic vaccination register for teachers, health workers and employees of the city’s social services from the 4th day, “explained the mayor.

He explained that in the coming weeks, with the arrival of “large quantities” of vaccines, the list of people who can be vaccinated will be expanded and “as a result, vaccination will be available to all residents of the capital,” the mayor’s office website,, said in a notice.

After opening the registration process tomorrow, the vaccination points will start operating on December 5thHe added.

Putin explained on Wednesday that they will soon be there 2 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which allows to start large-scale vaccination of the population, starting with teachers and health personnel.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said Wednesday: more than 100,000 people in risk groups have already been vaccinated.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Gólikova, in charge of coordinating the fight against coronavirus, stressed that vaccination with Sputnik V, registered in Russia last August, will be voluntary and free for Russians.

The Gamaleya Center, developer of the vaccine, and Russia’s Direct Investment Fund (FIDR), assured last week that the vaccine is more than 95 percent effective and priced for the two required doses of about $ 20.

Russia is also working on the mass distribution of another vaccine, EpiVacCorona, developed by the Véktor State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology, which was registered in Russia in October but whose Phase III efficacy clinical trial results have not yet been published.

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