The Rupee Coin uses blockchain technology to become the cryptocurrency of choice in India and South Asia


Rupee Coin is a cryptocurrency of decentralized open source blockchain and has no relation to the currencies of the power tranche (incurred and issued by the respective governments). The Rupee Cryptocurrency is seen as a major disruptor of the global banking industry, especially in South Asia.

The cryptocurrency revolution has now hit a myriad of industries and many locals all over the world. It was only a matter of time before a forward-looking team of Blockchain & Technology professionals launched a solid cryptographic currency in the densely populated areas of India and southern Asia. Rupee Coin brings with it a remarkable recognition of name and credibility that dates back thousands of years in ancient India. The Rupee brand is synonymous with the word money in many countries, an audience that includes almost two billion people.

The Rupee Blockchain is not a startup or an ICO. It is a well-established cryptocurrency currency currently available in various stock exchanges and is marketed under the RUP symbol. It was originally launched in 2016 and there are around 22 million Rupee coins in circulation. Rupee Coin is an open source cryptocurrency based on the proven, reliable Litecoin source code. In 2017, a motivated team from the United States, Europe, India and Israel understood the potential of the Rupee and started working on the project. They led a revitalization initiative in September 2017. The development team installed code improvements and coordinated a plan to actually bring The Rupee Coin Vision and this vision includes many new features and benefits both now and in the future. Team Rupee is also designing, an e-commerce portal similar to Alibaba, which will implement smart contracts and blockchain technology to provide commercial services to merchants in India and South Asia. The Indian economy should be the third largest on Earth by 2030. Rupee Coin and will play a key role while India will rise to the highest rung of the World Economic Output.

In recent times, the term "Unbanked" has become very relevant in terms of building financial platforms based on blockchain technology. The banking mainstream has not been very successful, either by design or otherwise, opening the doors to people in all regions and all levels of income. This leaves hundreds of millions of global consumers without the use of an electronic currency transfer system. Before the arrival of Blockchain Technology, all that was available was an archaic centralized system where huge fees were collected for every transaction imaginable, leaving the rules, decisions and all the power concentrated in the hands of corporate giants. Rupee Coin aims to level the playing field by adding value and offering savings where it is most needed, in the portfolios and portfolios of the people and in the efficiency that the independent trader will offer to its customers. The Rupee Coin Payment Gateway will mitigate the fluctuations in the underlying RUP currency immediately at the transaction level, providing the necessary acquisition of the exact payment necessary to the trader to effectively manage his or her business. For people who make transactions in Rupee Coin, bring the convenience of the digital world at your fingertips to the lowest possible transaction cost.

Millions and millions of people travel outside their country of origin for work and residence. When they transfer money to their family, they are hit hard not only with the inconvenience, but also with ridiculously high third-party rates that equate to billions of dollars of wasted money. People will no longer have to leave their home and go to the local Money Transfer Store, wait in line, show the identity document, pay cash and transfer money to LOSS due to the fees charged by those stores. Soon they will be able to use Rupee Coin safely from the comfort of their home, or literally somewhere, and make these phone transfers over great distances.

There is no doubt that Rupee Coin has the potential to become as popular and valuable as Bitcoin. After all, with the recognition of the embedded name and the fact that it is already on sale on several bags, Rupee Coin has already realized what other cryptocurrency projects can only dream of. Unlike fiat coins, the total offer of Rupee Coin is very limited and will never be created beyond this limit. A detailed discussion of the Rupee concept can be seen in the Rupee Whitepaper here.

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