The role of the developer Blockchain completes the list of the emerging jobs of the 2018 of LinkedIn


The role of the blockchain developer has jumped directly to the top of LinkedIn's upcoming list for 2018.

The networking platform for professionals He said in a Thursday report that the recent increase in interest in cryptocurrencies has led blockchain development staff to be in high demand in the United States and that related job listings have seen a 33-fold increase in a only year.

The most sought-after skills in the blockchain space include those around the programming language Solidity, ethereum, criptovaluta and node.js, an open source JavaScript platform, indicating the relationship.

LinkedIn also notes that IBM, ConsenSys and Chainyard are the top three employers in space with the best locations in San Francisco, New York City and Atlanta, including information technology and services, computer software and Internet sectors.

It is worth noting that Consensys has just announced that it will fire 13% of its staff due to a corporate "slimming" effort at the company focused on ethereum.

In particular, the role of the blockchain developer was not mentioned in last year's LinkedIn report. Guy Berger, chief economist of LinkedIn, said in the report on Thursday:

"Only time will tell if the blockchain will be a long-standing trend in the labor market."

Last month, another relationship from one of the biggest job sites,, he also showed that the interest of employers in roles related to blockchain and cryptocurrency has increased, with an increase of 25.5% of related jobs from October 2017 to October 2018.

Image through CoinDesk archives

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