The risk of death … a warning against low blood oxygen levels in Corona patients


A recent study warned that Coronavirus patients who suffer from a slight decrease in oxygen levels are still at greater risk of dying from the virus than others, even if the decrease is only a degree or two.

Current NHS guidelines consider a patient to be at risk if blood oxygen levels are between 94 and 98 percent and people with illnesses are not receiving oxygen. Unless their levels drop below the minimum.

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But the researchers conducted a study of 1,000 people with corona and were surprised that the decrease in oxygen in small degrees from 1 to 2% below 96% is linked to “an increased risk of death.”

And they warned that current health guidelines may not be accurate enough and could miss the opportunity to save lives, and experts noted that families must keep an oxygen meter in their homes to constantly monitor their condition.

The device measures the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood and since the body needs oxygen to function, it is a cause for concern when it goes down.

The study, led by Matt Inada Kim, a consultant with the NHS Foundation for Hampshire Hospitals in Britain, looked at hundreds of thousands of people who called an ambulance between March 1 and July 31 this year due to infection. from Coronavirus.

The results showed that “even small deviations in oxygen saturation of 1 to 2 percent below 96% increase the risk of mortality.” Significantly higher for 30 days (5.3%).

They suggested that patients within the “normal range” were actually more likely to die, and the study found that oxygen saturation was more predictive of death or ICU admission, plus age or health problems. pre-existing.


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