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The Ripple Mercury FX customer uses XRP and displays the case of using the real world

Ripple is breaking all sorts of traditional financial trends. In the latest news, Mercury FX, which is a company based in the United Kingdom, has made the largest payment from the United Kingdom to Mexico using XRP. The amount was valued at GBP 3,521.67, which in terms of US dollars is approximately $ 4552.

The transfer helped a UK-based company called Mustard Foods save £ 79.17 and 31 hours on the transaction. Thus proving that Ripple helps companies reduce losses and earn profits, saving time that can lead to better business relationships.

Mustard Foods is a food production company that supplies food to over 500 restaurants in the UK and Europe. Thus, such transactions through Ripple make their business more competitive in today's world, which will, consequently, help them grow monetarily and sustain the acquisition of more trust from customers in the company. The transaction was made for ingredients from Mexico, helping to get ingredients faster and gaining a competitive edge over other ingredients suppliers.

Mercury FX as from them website is a global currency specialist that offers low transaction fees for cross-border transactions. So it's safe to say that it's not just talking, but talking with Ripple technology.

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You may think that the amount sent is low, however since trust increases among companies to use Ripple, you will notice that higher amounts are sent daily.

XRP at the time of writing is still sitting comfortably in the second position, with a value in green at $ 0.327270 and a market capitalization of $ 13.431.306,711.

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