The Revain (R) based on Blockchain decreased by $ -0.0167936516 on 7-8 January – The Moveefy


Posted by Edward Rupert
January 8, 2019 at 18:54

Revain (R) had a bad 24 hours as the crypt decreased by $ -0.0167936516 or -6.44% to $ 0.2439097102. According to Top Cryptocoin Experts, Revain (R) notes $ 0.26830068122 target on the road at $ 0.381679482007499. The last trade was exchanged with OKEX. He had a maximum of $ 0.2614667096 and a minimum of $ 0.2435481244 for January 7-8. The opening was $ 0.2607033618.

Revain (R) has risen by 83.39% in the last 30 days from $ 0.133 per currency. Its increase of 95.28% in the last 100 days since it was trading at $ 0.1249 and the annual trend is falling. 200 days ago R was trading at $ 0.3611. R has extracted 1000.00 million coins giving it a market capitalization of 243.91 million dollars. The maximum coins available are 1000.00 million. R uses algorithm and type of test. It was started on 04/08/2017.

Revain is a platform that will exploit the Ethereum blockchain to implement a revision mechanism that does not require the participation of a third party. In order to avoid the involvement of third parties while keeping track of the quality of the review, the Revain revision mechanism will be composed of two phases. In the first phase there is a filtering layer that is applied by a machine that uses the AI ​​(RAF and Tone Analyzer) utilities, so a second level is applied by the company to decide if the revision is accepted or not. This mechanism also allows you to save part of a revision in a smart RSS contract (review the snapshot storage space) by making the revisions immutable.

The Revain platform, unlike the other blockchain, will have two tokens, the R token and the RVN token. The R token will be used to raise funds during ICO and to exchange it with other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the RVN token will be used exclusively within the Revain platform, to reward users / companies for quality reviews and to penalize those who write non-constructive reviews. A fixed value of 0.0001 Bitcoins is attributed to the RVN token, enabling the RVN tokens to be converted for the R w tokensin the platform. The conversion is calculated by dividing the effective price of the token R (in BTC) by 0.0001 Bitcoin and then multiplying that value by the number of RVN tokens that a given user has.

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