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The return of refugees exceeds the Beirut declaration

Beirut: «Gulf», agencies

The Arab summit for economic and social development held its fourth session in Beirut on Wednesday with the participation of delegations from Arab countries. The United Arab Emirates attended the conference with a high-level delegation led by HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy.
The delegation included Mohammed Sharaf Al Hashimi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Economic and Economic Affairs, Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz Al Shehhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economics, Jumah Mubarak Al Jneibi, Ambassador of State in Cairo and Permanent Representative of the League of Arab States. Minister of Economics, Jumaa Mohammed Al-Kait, deputy undersecretary for the foreign trade sector in the Ministry of Economics, and Nasser Ismail, undersecretary of the ministry for community development.
Ing. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori delivered the speech of the United Arab Emirates, emphasizing the acumen of the wise leadership of the state to support the efforts of common Arab action to promote Arab integration in the economic field and and to enable Arab countries to meet the challenges of development and to take advantage of the enormous potential and opportunities they have in various fields. In order to promote the sustainable development of Arab development.
He added that the development summit provides an ideal platform to discuss projects and economic and social issues of interest to Arab countries and to develop a roadmap for cooperation between institutions and stakeholders in various Arab countries to find new solutions and mechanisms. and effective that improve the ability of the Arab world to move towards a new phase of growth. A better future for future generations of Arabs, emphasizing the enthusiasm of the United Arab Emirates to support the Summit resolutions and continue to work hand in hand with the Arabian brothers, to implement the projects and development programs that emanate from their.
He added that during the summit meetings, the UAE emphasized its support, in particular, of Arab efforts to develop a common Arab vision for the development of the digital economy, taking advantage of its diverse applications, opportunities and opportunities and preparing for the requirements and challenges it presents. Sector, which is one of the main trends in the construction of future economies.
At the end of the summit, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that "the decisions that have been issued will contribute to strengthening the Arab common action and are considered a step towards the guarantee of an integrated Arab economy, which we seek thanks to its proven benefit for our countries and peoples ".
He stressed that "Lebanon will continue to implement these resolutions during its summit presidency, in collaboration with the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States, and will work to implement and invest them in order to ensure more prosperous social and economic conditions for our peoples and to advance the process of progress and prosperity.
He called on the international community to take responsibility for reducing the displacement and asylum tragedy and to develop possibilities to find solutions and redouble collective efforts to promote favorable conditions for the return of displaced persons in accordance with international law and respect for sovereignty . Host countries
He called on donor countries to play their part in bearing the brunt of crises and development challenges by implementing their commitments and by providing assistance to displaced persons and refugees in their countries of origin, in order to motivate them to return. He also invited the international community to support the Arab countries hosting the displaced and to establish their development projects to help reduce economic and social impacts.
The concluding work of the summit was preceded by a speech from the Assistant Secretary General of the Ambassador of the League of Arab States, Hossam Zaki, in which he underlined "the agreement on the importance of solidarity of all donors and Arab funds to alleviate the suffering of displaced and financial development projects in host countries, economic and social impacts in host countries ".
President Aoun opened yesterday morning, the summit in the midst of the absence of an overwhelming majority of Arab leaders and leaders. After receiving his presidency from Saudi Arabia, Aoun called for conditions for the return of Syrian refugees to their country without waiting for a political solution. He also asked for "the establishment of an Arab bank for reconstruction and development". He stressed that the "Israeli" occupation persists for seven decades in aggression and occupation of the Palestinian and Arab territories and in the lack of respect for international resolutions.
He said that "the Israeli occupation" is waiting for us, and today has reached the pinnacle of its aggression by judging Jerusalem and declaring it the capital of "Israel" and the adoption of the law of Jewish nationalism, which does not comply with international resolutions. "The Arab League general secretary Ahmed Aboul Gheit has revealed that the Arab world Half of the refugees and displaced persons in the world At the same time, Aboul Gheit said that the region" still lacks a sufficient volume of economic activity with high productivity ", underlining that the rates of economic growth" are still insufficient to achieve the desired development boom ".
He said that "the acceleration of the recovery of the largest population from the abyss of extreme poverty is the best way to dry out sources of extremism and terrorism". He stressed that "about 20% of the population of the Arab world lives in situations under the name of multidimensional poverty.

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