“The relationship is over, but love is not”: Maria Cerqueira Gomes breaks the silence on the end of the courtship – in Boil


Separated for over a year, Maria Cerqueira Gomes has decided to reveal the real reasons for the end of her love affair with businessman António Miguel Cardoso, father of two-year-old son João. “A relationship does not end because someone is chasing a dream. The distance has aggravated what was already wrong,” said the presenter in a conversation with Cristina Ferreira.

For a year and a half, Maria left Porto for Lisbon to present “Você na TV!”. The comrade remained in the North. Yet, he guarantees, he has always fought for the relationship, which had lasted for five years. “I am a fighter, I insist, I insist. The relationship is not over because our love is over. This is sad. We are finished because we have two very different ways of being,” he explained.

Dissatisfied personally and professionally (with the decline in the TVI audience and the inevitable confrontations with Cristina, at the time at SIC), Maria asked a psychotherapist for help to overcome her disappointments. “After two months in Lisbon, I immediately went to seek help. I knew there were so many things and so many things lived alone.”

The descent into “hell” became more painful with the nostalgia of the children, Francisca and João, who remained in Invicta. “There were daily stabs. Luck had to be so absorbed [com o trabalho], who encountered that moment of loneliness only by entering the house. I cried a river during this process. ”


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