The Quran and science reveal that the moon was always as hot as the sun: Okezone techno


HUMAN when you look at the sky at night you will see the moon reflect the sunlight. However, in the past the moon shone like the sun. This is known through human research.

Quoted from the book “Science in the Koran” by Nadiah Thayyarah, it is explained that the study results show that the moon was formed 4.6 million years ago. During its formation, the moon received a series of hits from meteors and meteoroids.

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Due to the temperature of the moon at that time it was very hot, there was a very violent melting on the surface of the moon, causing the formation of large holes called ‘Maria’ and high mountains with craters called ‘Craters’.

Then the craters poured the lava into a very large volume and the lava filled the large holes. The mountains on the moon go dormant and the lava stops flowing. Thus, the moon dies.

Before humans knew that the moon had once shone, then died, the Quran, which was revealed about 14 centuries ago, had revealed it. As Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala says in Surah Al Isra Ayat 12 which means:

“And we made the night and the day as two signs, then we removed the sign of the night and we illuminated the day so that you can seek the generosity of your Lord and that you can know the number of years and the calculation. And we have clarified everything. “(QS Al Isra: 12)

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This verse shows a scientific fact that was only discovered by people in the 20th century, namely that the moon was originally an illuminated planet.

In the book “Science in the Koran”, astronomical studies have shown that the moon is constantly moving away from the Earth. Astronomical experts say that the moon, which is 300,000 kilometers from the Earth, continues to move away from the Earth by 3 centimeters per year.

This one day distant movement will bring the moon to the area affected by the sun’s gravitational field. This will cause the moon to explode on the surface of the sun.

The phenomenon is completely in line with the verses of the Koran which state: “And the sun and the moon are gathered together”. (SQ Al Qiyamah: 9)

Wallahu a’lam bishawab.

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