The prototype of OPPO with camera built into the screen is displayed


Photos of a phone with a camera built into the screen, presumably owned by smartphone maker OPPO, were shared. No phone details were included in the post.

Although the smartphone industry has been through a stagnant period where hardly any innovations have come up recently, this will change very soon. Patents and images we’ve seen so far reveal the future of smartphones. Now the front fully screen phones will occupy an important place in our lives.

Of course this, camera technology built into the screen it will develop thanks to the technology known as. Although many smartphone manufacturers continue to develop the technology, they are one of the leading names in this field. OPPO’ydu. The company showed the prototype of its smartphone with a camera incorporated in the first screen at last year’s conference.

A new OPPO prototype has appeared:


However, following this prototype, OPPO has not yet released a camera phone with a camera built into the screen. Today, the company has another prototype phone with a built-in camera on the screen. alleged a photo of a phone was shared. Other than the phone picture, no other details were included in the post.

As far as we can see from the photo, the phone claimed to be the prototype of OPPO, also like the Google Pixel 5. also to the speaker built into the screen had. While we can’t see the back of the phone, a recently discovered patent for the OPPO camera phone with a built-in camera tells us the phone could accommodate a circle-shaped camera setup.


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The first phone with camera technology built into the screen a few months ago By ZTE It was released. Axon 20 5G The mid-range smartphone, called the so-called front camera, has left many users unsatisfied with its performance. For this reason, we have turned our eyes to the cell phone cameras embedded in the screen that other companies will also release.


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