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The protests in Paris end in violence | ONLINE TIME

In France
Once again, thousands of "yellow jackets" gathered for the protests – the
tenth weekend in a row. He has arrived Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse
to the clash with the security forces. On bullets of some
The protesters responded with tear gas and water cannons. From the centre
November the movement is demonstrating against the cost of living too high and
social injustice.

In Paris, the protesters gathered for a protest march in the
Near the Eiffel Tower. Eric Drouet's call followed, among others.
one of the representatives of "yellow jackets", with the goal of being in Paris
bring a million people into the streets This has been clearly noted.

According to the Ministry of Interior, 27,000 people attended the early afternoon
actions at the national level, in Paris 7,000. They carried posters with the words "Macron – Démission", urging the President to resign and criticizing the use of hard rubber bullets
(so-called flashball), tear gas and batons through the
Riot police.

Water cannon against the rocket launcher

It was not until the end of the previous peaceful march in Paris that the Army Museum was born in Paris
Invalidendom to clashes with police officers. These went with the water cannons
and tear gas against masked protesters, stones and bottles
has thrown.

Again, the authorities responded with a large security quota
the yellow protests voted against the government's reform policy.
According to the authorities, there were 80,000 security forces nationwide
used 5000 in Paris. In the protests came again and again to the arguments of
Demonstrators and security forces, who are controversial about the use of
The rubber bullets went under fire.

To defuse the conflict with Bweste, the president replied Emmanuel Macron In mid-December with billions of dollars social measures. He also called
a "Great national debate" in place among the citizens in their communities
Proposals on taxation, democracy, migration, ecological transition
and make state organization. Many yellow jackets, however, require it
Resignation Macrons.

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