The Prom Review – Normal Melodies Can’t Save This Misleading Musical | Times2

★★ ☆☆☆
Meryl Streep peaks at minute 25 in this monstrous musical monstrosity of two and a quarter hours. Play the fading Broadway diva Dee Dee Allen, who has just arrived in the small Indiana town and treats the locals to a flamenco-inspired belter called It’s not about me, a track that bravely satirizes Allen’s lack of humility. “It’s not about me, even though I’m rich and famous. Pub-lisssss-i-tee is not my ultimate goal! “he roars, raising both the roof and the expectation that this Day-Glo adaptation is about to light up.

This isn’t primarily due to a plethora of hideously average tunes and an inert narrative that only reaffirms its premise between each dirge. Here the holy gay student Emma (Jo Ellen Pellman, smiling) is fighting her

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