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Four technicians are preparing to start the semifinals: Alexis García, Hárold Rivera, Juan Cruz Real and Amaranto Perea. They have something in common: no one was a championship champion. Alexis, DT of La Equidad, is the one who was closest. Colombian football will debut as champion coach in 2020.

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Alexis Garcia: fairness

Alexis Garcia

Alexis García is the most experienced coach among the four who will compete for the star. Chocoano, 60, already knows what it means to win a coaching title, ever since he did it with La Equidad in the Colombia Cup, but he is aiming for his big goal: win the star that has already eluded him four times.

Alexis, who was a formidable footballer, already has a long career as a coach. Reinforce its prestige with Equity, which is where it did best. He directed Once Caldas, Pereira, Bucaramanga, Nacional, Centauros, Junior, Fortaleza, Santa Fe, Pasto and La Equidad in two phases. In the first, between 2006 and 2012, he got the promotion and the Colombia Cup 2008. He was in charge of building the club and putting it into play. So much so that on three occasions he stroked the star, finishing second in 2007, when he lost the final against Nacional; in 2010, against Junior, and in 2011, again against purslane. As if that were not enough, he was also second with Pasto, in 2019, in the final against Junior.

Alexis is passionate about tactics, order of his teams and defensive strength, which is perhaps his great obsession.

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Hárold Rivera: Santa Fe

Harold rivera

Rivera, Santa Fe coach

Harold rivera he is a silent work technician. He arrived in Santa Fe in 2019 without generating a lot of expectations, and today he has the team in an ideal moment, as the leader of the reclassification and fighting for the title.

He is 50 years old, he was born in Ibagué, he was a footballer for teams such as Tolima, Huila, Junior and Millonarios, among others. Upon his retirement, and after preparing as a coach in Argentina, he was in the minor categories of Deportes Tolima. He has worked with the Tolima team and with the Colombia under 15 and under 17 teams.

In 2013 he joined Patriotas, first as assistant to Julio Comesaña and then as head coach. He reached the quota for the 2017 South American Cup, but did not direct it because he went to Atlético Bucaramanga, in which he did not make a good step. In 2019 he arrived in Santa Fe and since then the team has performed formidably, which they now have to certify in the semifinals against Equidad.

Rivera hasn’t won any titles as a manager, so he faces this great chance of earning a star. He has a strong team and has shown he can take advantage of it.

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Juan Cruz Real: America

Juan Cruz Real

Juan Cruz Real He is not a rookie in Colombian football. Before arriving at América de Cali, after leaving Guimaraes, he had already directed Alianza Petrolera and Jaguares de Córdoba. But of course the change was drastic. In America he would have neither time nor patience.

For this reason, since he took office he has faced all the storms, the criticisms, but here he is, he is already in the semifinals and his team is going from least to most.

Juan Cruz was a footballer and is a 44-year-old Argentine coach. Before arriving in Colombia he had directed the Belén of Costa Rica and the Estudiantes de Mérida of Venezuela. And he was an engineer in the Olympus of his country. They were ephemeral steps, because his true experience accumulated in Colombia.

So he still doesn’t have a record, he wasn’t in the final, he didn’t win any titles. That’s why this opportunity presents itself to him in a phase of growth, in which he has shown that he can enter the fight for the star. Maybe it was difficult to find the equipment and get it up and running, but its stamp is already noticeable.

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Amaranth Perea: Junior

Amaranth Perea

Amaranto Perea, Junior’s DT.

Amaranth Perea He was a famous defender of the Colombian national team and of teams such as Atlético de Madrid. After his professional retirement he turned to his other passion, that of technical director. He started small, but suddenly the big opportunity of his career appeared, when he was in charge of Junior.

Amaranth was born in Turbo, she is 41 years old. He began the experience of managing teams in Spain, where he was head of Atlético’s C team for 8 months in 2018. Then he came to Colombia, looking for his opportunity, and found it in the Itagüí Leones club, in A. His task was very adverse and he failed to save the team, which went to B. He remained in the team to attempt promotion, but failed. In January 2020 he arrived in Junior to be assistant in Comesaña; However, after his resignation, the club gave the responsibility to Amaranth, who has suffered a lot of criticism, but gradually begins to convince.

Perea, as a defender, tries to make his team strong in the back, and takes advantage of the skills he has in attack. His chance to make it to the final came quickly and he has no intention of losing it.



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