the priest defines the faithful as greedy for not having helped with debts


In several networks, the video in which Montes is listened to has been widely shared, parish priest in the Cristo de Valdepeñas church, in the province of Ciudad Real (Spain), publishes the newspaper La Vanguardia.

According to Montes, many of his parishioners have been giving little or nothing for years, at a time when the church He owes around 80,000 euros after some rehabilitation work which, according to him, has gone from one million euros.

“Why didn’t anyone ask me how much it cost us? Nor has anyone asked me how much remains to be paid…. It is clear that this does not interest you ”, the religious asked his faithful.

Emilio Montes assured that the fortune that the temple paid for the renovation that began in 2012, the Church took over € 600,000 and other payments were made by the local government.

There are people who are 11 years old who pay only 6 euros a month … There are cases where both work and cannot contribute even 10 or 15 euros a month, it hurts“Said the Spanish priest.

He even called it “cheeky.”“To a man who, according to him, in the last 8 years he has told you more than 15 times that he will take your account number to charge the commission. “People think we’re stupid.”

The priest rebuked the faithful for not contributing enough and assured him that he was aware of the degree of generosity of each of them. “I watch everything; The fact that I am silent does not mean that I am stupid…. I know who gives and who doesn’t give, who gave for work and who didn’t give ”, he concluded.

Finally he said that many of those faithful nor they gave 10 or 15 euros a month because for them it meant spending a round of beers.

The sermon of Emilio Montes was broadcast live on October 4th, but it was in the last few hours that the video of his words went viral on several social networks.

Here is the video in which a Spanish father calls his faithful misers for not giving money to help pay off a church debt:


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