The price of Ethereum exceeds Bitcoin cash for the first time


bitcoin cash price

For the first time, the price of the ether has surpassed that of bitcoin money, becoming the last negative goal in a few weeks tumultuous for the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is trading at $ 85.51, while bitcoins have been traded at $ 82 at the time of printing.

The ETH price exceeds BCH for the first time ever

Good post-fork Bitcoin cash

Following the bitcoin bitcoin fork that culminated in a hash war that gave birth to BCH ABC and BCH SV, bitcoin money was one of the biggest losers in the encrypted market last month, before falling from the post-price fork of $ 200, then plunge into double digits for the first time before falling even behind ethereum. The instability triggered by the hash war is also largely attributed to the at least partial responsibility of the crypt of the year-end market which saw bitcoin threaten to break $ 3,000, with virtually all major cryptocurrencies falling by at least 90% compared to valuations Of all times. .

Last week, CCN reported that in the aftermath of the hash war, bitcoin money continued its downward trajectory more than a month after the fork, dropping to its current price level from the pre -fork of almost $ 500. In an embarrassing way for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin SV who lost the BCH exchange ticker on the ABC fork even surpassed him at the beginning of the month before falling to his current price of $ 77 at the time of printing.

In addition to a decline of 81% in a few weeks, bitcoin money is also facing legal action by United America Corporation, a Florida blockchain technology company that claims that the aggressive and strategic deployment of hashing power during the fork constitutes a hostile takeover of bitcoin cash from by Roger Ver. According to the lawsuit, a "poison pill" was planted in the blockchain which effectively gives centralized control to giving it power to make decisions about future updates and implementations.

Whispers about the alleged centralization of bitcoin cash continue to circulate in the wake of an article published by a BCH developer last month that accused the blockchain of creating a centralization mechanism through the implementation of checkpoints in the wake of the hard fork. According to the pseudonym developer, it is now possible that innovation without permission on the platform is set aside in favor of wormhole, which violates the basic principle of bitcoin as a decentralized and trustless network.

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