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The potential of Blockchain, according to the author of The Business Blockchain – BlockPublisher

The cases of use and the application of technology determine the true essence of this technology. In addition to the essence, the value of the technology also depends on the two factors mentioned above. Many people associate these parameters when it comes to examining the blockchain, but there is no conclusion reached except for topics and debates. However, the future and potential of the blockchain is something about people, regardless of their position towards or in favor of the blockchain. So to explore the future and the true potential of the blockchain, William Mougayar, who wrote The Business Blockchain, was contacted by BlockPublisher.

William Mougayar is a well-known personality. He is a venture capital consultant, entrepreneur, marketing and strategist. He founded Engagio and Eqentia. He is a member of the board of directors of Kin Ecosystem and Stratumn, a platform that uses Proof of Process technology. In addition to this, he is the founder and producer of Tokken Summit, a premier conference on the token economy. His affiliations with the blockchain and the space started in 2013. He understands the space very well and his experience does not describe anything other than his ability in sound. He was asked if blockchain was able to exceed people's expectations, so he shared his opinion on BlockPublisher. He said:

In the long run, yes. In the short term, No.

Many people consider blockchain a technology with many limited use cases, so William was asked to share some thoughts on people's perception. Therefore, he stated:

The limits are in the imagination of people. But the reality of the cases of use must be calibrated with respect to the capabilities of technology today.

The adoption of blockchain has recently seen the mix views. Big companies and even governments have adopted blockchain for various projects, but the blockchain has not yet acquired a crown of success that erases the doubts of all the people who are not satisfied with the technology at the moment.

According to Williams, the long-term prospects shine for the blockchain and the imagination of people is an obstacle that prevents the blockchain from finding more cases of use. Over time, we will have a clearer picture of the blockchain's capabilities and the potential to determine the feasibility of the adoption or the abandonment of the blockchain.

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