The polio vaccination and multivaccination campaign continues until 29/10


So, continue until this Thursday, October 29, in Ribeirão Pires.

However the action takes place, from 8:00 to 17:00, at:

  • Basic Healthcare Units (UBS)
  • Family Health Units (FHU) in town.

Among them, children under five are the target of the polio campaign.

Since then, multivaccination will serve all children and adolescents under 15.

However, the city had a special date to strengthen campaigns, October 17, “D” day of vaccination.

Above all, on this date, they were immunized:

  • 1384 children from 0 to 4 years
  • 405 children aged 5 to 14.

For campaign purposes:

  1. Especially to reduce the risk of reintroduction of the wild polyvirus in the country,
  2. First, by providing access to vaccines,
  3. Then, update the vaccination situation
  4. Increase vaccination coverage,
  5. Decrease the incidence of preventable diseases
  6. Contribute to control,
  7. Elimination
  8. Or the eradication of the disease.

Why, the anticipation of the deadline for immunization campaigns occurred:

  • Except, due to the change of public holiday (10/28) to the 30th of this month (Municipal Decree n.7074 / 2020).

On the other hand, the Ribeirão Pires health department takes all health and safety precautions against the coronavirus in the municipal units.

However, measles vaccination – Vaccination takes place until 29 October under the following strategy:

  • Intensified vaccination for a population aged between 6 months and 29 years, according to the assessment of the vaccination status and vaccination according to the current vaccination schedule;
  • Indiscriminate vaccination (regardless of the vaccination status) in the age group between 30 and 49, in line with the Ministry of Health.

Above all, vaccination points – from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), from 8:00 to 17:00:

  1. UBS CENTRAL Rua Dr. Virgílio Gola, 24 – Center
  2. UBS CENTER HIGH Via Aurora, 61 – High Center
  3. USF GUANABARA Rua Fermino G. Pereira, 398 – Vila Gomes
  4. USF JD. USE Julio Prestes Street, 22 – Jardim Luso
  5. USF JD. VALENTINA Francisco Tometich Street, 905 – Jardim Valentina
  6. USF JD. MINOR Rua Fagundes Varela, 08 – Jardim Caçula
  7. USF OURO FINO Rodovia Índio Tibiriçá without number, next to 2753 – Centro – Ouro Fino Paulista
  8. USF FOURTH DIVISION Estrada da Sondália, 520 – Fourth Division
  9. UBS SANTA LUZIA Rua Prof. Antonio Nunes, 551- Santa Luzia
  10. USF VILA SUELI Rua Antonio Zampol, 221 – Vila Sueli

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