The photo of Marbelle with the navel that left her followers speechless


Instagram @ marbelle.oficial
Instagram @ marbelle.oficial

Colombian artist Marbelle uploaded a very striking photograph to her Instagram account. There the singer wears a navel and skinny jeans that reveal her toned figure, in which her abdomen and tail are all eyes.

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“Very lucky the boyfriend with such a beautiful and talented woman“,” The envy of many “,” how nice “, are some of the comments left by his followers.


Marbelle leaves Colombia

Singer Marbelle has confirmed that she is packing her bags to go to live in Brazil, where she will accompany her boyfriend, footballer Sebastián Salazar, who has already signed with the Goaiás team.

The player was part of the Independiente Santa Fe squad, but his contract expired at the end of last year and he recently posted some pictures of him training with the Brazilian team.

The “queen of techno-rail” said in an interview on Channel One’s “I Know Everything” that she was “judicious” in finalizing the details of the work and other commitments to leave everything in order in Colombia and be able to leave.

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In recent days, due to the photos in which the player appeared only in Brazil, it was rumored that the couple had separated, but the singer denied the rumors on the same program: “We leave early, God willing. Everything is given to make it so. I am working very judiciously right now so that we can hope to go together, otherwise it will go on and I will be back, “he said at the time.

Marbelle, who hopes to leave the country in the “next few days” for the city of Goania, near the capital Brasilia, added that she would bring her “four children” who are the couple’s pets.


The singer also spoke about her daughter Rafaella and revealed that they are working together on a project, which should be ready by the end of this year.

We have two songs where we are there and we choose the one that we will go with our heads held high with her. I thought about what the first moment of your meeting with the public will be, sometimes I start to think, ‘Would it be wise for me to introduce my daughter to the public? Would it be wise of me to let her do it alone? They are like in that moment. I am preparing something very special, where I would like to welcome her to have her way, “he said.

“I didn’t want to put that pressure on her, which I had. So I let it flow into her and she feels ready to go. (I am)]Very nervous, but very happy; the time has come. She is happy and ready; children have to prepare their wings and leave them free ”, concluded the artist.

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