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The owner of BitTorrent Tron will invest $ 100 million in blockchain games

The owner of BitTorrent Tron has announced that he will invest $ 100 million in blockchain games over the next three years.

Tron of San Francisco and Malta wants to stimulate more innovation in the emerging technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and knows that games are usually the first thing to take off on new platforms, said Roy Liu, Head of Business Development at Tron, in a & # 39; Interview with GamesBeat.

"Our mission is to bring the blockchain to the mass market," said Liu. "Games have paved the way for smartphones and virtual reality to be more accessible, now it's happening with blockchain."

Above: Because the game could open the way to the blockchain.

Image credit: Tron

The ultimate goal of Tron is to create a decentralized internet infrastructure. To this end, he wants to create applications on top of his platform, and will host his next Nitron developer event in San Francisco on January 17th and January 18th. Invite the former basketball star Kobe Bryant to speak at that event.

Tron's founder, Justin Sun, wants to build an ecosystem of blockchain games, and that's a big problem since Tron's TRX currency is one of the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies, with an evaluation (which has recently been hit by all cryptocurrencies) of $ 994 million. Not bad for a one-year-old company.

"Why is it important to be among the first? This means that the currencies are tradable," said Liu. "Tron is one of the few other currencies with a case of legitimate use and volume and liquidity".

Above: as TRX of Tron accumulates against other cryptocurrencies.

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Liu said that mobile platforms are a good comparison. Since 2007, when the first iPhone was released, the mobile gaming market has been continuously expanding up to $ 70 billion. Liu said that you can predict the day when blockchain technology – which offers a transparent and secure decentralized registry – will disrupt the global economic system, including games.

As for recruitment developers, Liu said that the developers of Ethereum will have a smooth transition to development for Tron. He said that Tron has already made some investments that he will announce later.

Tron launched its MainNet network in June and can handle 2,000 transactions per second, compared to 15 for the popular Ethereum cryptocurrency. Tron has enabled developers to use smart contracts on their MainNet, with support for multiple languages, including Solidity.

Liu said there were many scams in the blockchain and crypto worlds, but he noted that Tron built a team of 300 people between San Francisco, Beijing and Malta. And Tron's founder, Sun, acquired BitTorrent in June for $ 140 million.

Above: Tron's main floor.

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BitTorrent is the world's largest decentralized file transfer company. The Internet protocol for BitTorrent file transfer has more than 1 billion users and BitTorrent and Sun & # 39; s uTorrent have more than 25 million active users per day and 100 million monthly active users.

Liu said Sun hopes to spread the cryptocurrency among BitTorrent users through the BitTorrent tokenisation project, known internally as Project Atlas. It is not difficult to imagine, Liu said, that once the tokenisation is complete, Tron will have the largest decentralization application (DApp) and substantial user traffic for other application scenarios.

"Online games have already proven to be the most mature area of ​​traditional Internet," said Sun, in a statement. "In the future, when the internet will once again be decentralized, online games will undoubtedly be crucial." Through the creation of the blockchain game fund, Tron hopes to address the problems inherent to the gaming area by using the decentralization, opening blockchain, transparency and immutability, so players from all over the world can get the best blockchain gaming experience and blockchain technologies can be widespread and decentralization of the internet will finally become a reality. "

Tron's ecosystem.

Above: the Tron blockchain ecosystem.

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Regarding the deflation of cryptocurrency values, Liu said: "It's good to squeeze the bubbles in the market, the scam projects are coming out, the market will leave only the most precious companies.The cryptocurrency will not replace the legal currencies (like the dollar USA). "

Liu said that games with blockchain technology will be able to have unique items, reported as non-fungible tokens, which can not be duplicated. These collectible items can be more valuable and players can take advantage of them.

"In the past, you made a purchase," Liu said. "Now, with blockchain games, it can be different, you can earn stuff or a token while you play, it makes the world of Ready Player One real, so I think the blockchain will change everything."

This brings to mind our vision for the leisure economy, or paid to play.

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