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The outlook for Bitcoin SV, explains Calvin Ayre

The CoinGeek Week conference is in full swing in London and all those present are experiencing an exciting opportunity to see what is happening with Bitcoin SV and the entire cryptosystem ecosystem. There's a lot of activity on the agenda and a lot to discuss, but CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre took a few minutes off his schedule to sit down with Bitstocks, the first UK cryptographic consulting firm, to discuss what's happening with Bitcoin SV and where things are going.

In the podcast, which is available on YouTube, Ayre talks about how he started dabbling in cryptocurrencies in 2010, but was not involved until 2015 when he met Dr. Craig Wright. They shared many of the same opinions about what cryptocurrency is and what it can be, leading Ayre to jump completely to help build space.

As is the case with many, when it was obvious that Bitcoin Core (BTC) was abandoning the original path of what was to be the cryptocurrency, Ayre played a role in ensuring that the path was kept alive through Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Unique cryptocurrency that has kept the original vision of Satoshi. He adds that the cryptocurrency was already mature when it was created and does not need to be constantly optimized, a premise that was designed to be followed with BCH.

Just as initially intended to maintain cryptocurrency as a true peer-to-peer currency, once it became obvious that some developers were once again intent on changing the business model, Bitcoin SV made sure that the original cryptocurrency model would continue .

Ayre also underlines the recent Bitcoin SV stress test, which has shown what many have said since the beginning: the downsizing of the chain not only works, but works well. The stress test saw 1,500 transactions per second, which is higher than seen with Segwit, Ethereum and Ripple combined.

Within a year, 8,000 transactions are expected, allowing blocks of two gigabytes. As Ayre points out, Bitcoin SV is "the only public blockchain without trust and decentralized", and this is what will help drive adoption. It is obvious that the consumer market must be educated about the merits of cryptocurrency in general, but this is coming and this education will allow everyone to understand why Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin.

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