The Oct. Top 10 of token holders on Ethereum: Electrify.Asia is a leader


Electrify.Asia has by far the largest number of new token holders of ERC-20, which means that it is currently the most popular cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network

Ethereum is one of the leaders of today's cryptic world: it is second only to Bitcoin by market capitalization with 20.5 billion US dollars; at this time, it is also standing at number four in terms of monetary value after Bitcoin, Maker and Bitcoin in cash with almost 200 USD for an Ether coin.

But, of course, Ethereum is not just a gigantic platform that generates its cryptocurrency: it also allows other cryptocurrencies to use its Blockchain network, so long that all the technical rules are observed within the ecosystem. As a consequence, all cryptocurrencies that are hosted by Ethereum, apart from their Ether, must comply with ERC-20 (Ethereum request for comments), and each holder of a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum is therefore also a holder of an ERC-20 token.

This means that the numbers of the ERC-20 token holder are indicative of how well a cryptographic currency is doing within the broader Ethereum structure. The more ERC-20 token holders there are, the better the "guest" currency, and since Ethereum is also one of the market leaders, even a certain internal popularity of cryptocurrency on Ethereum reflects directly on the way it pays through the crypt. sea ​​in general.

Below is the top 10 of the new ERC-20 token holders in October for each of the major Ethereum cryptocurrencies:

The new token holders of this October

The current winner of a landslide is Electrify.Asia with almost 100,000 new ERC-20 tokens this October, followed by XMax with around 13 500 new token holders, then Moneytoken with around 12 000, Skrumble Network with around 9 000 , 0xcert with about 8,000, SALT with 7,000, UChain is slightly late with about 6 800, FansTime has almost 6 500 token holders, DAEX about 4 500 and finally Datum is in last place with just under 4 000 new tokens ERC-20 holders this October.

Being "the first electricity retail market in Southeast Asia, addressing the need for transparency and security in energy consumption" and with their slogan promising to "Building an intelligent energy ecosystem for Asia", Electrify.Asia, based in Singapore, led by Julius Tan and Martin Lim, has set very high expectations. Let's see what happens closer to the new year!

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