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The North American Bitcoin Conference has decided to warm up Miami

The North American Bitcoin Conference returns to Miami for the seventh installment.

On 17 and 18 January 2019, the entire community of Bitcoin and Blockchain will converge in Miami for a historic conference aimed at leading the cryptocurrency from the niche to the mainstream. Now in its seventh edition, the North American Bitcoin Conference is the longest and most long-awaited financial conference for the Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors with over 4500 participants in 2018. In addition, a key focus of the 2019 conference will be a track dedicated to safety, unpacking the new and exciting world of blockchain titles and technology.

Building on the recent successes of this year's conferences in Miami, London, New York and Dubai, the seventh annual conference on North American bitcoins, as part of the World Blockchain Forum, will return to sunny Miami with a line-up of over 60 worlds -class presenters, including technology veterans and company founders who collectively raised over $ 18.1 billion in Initial Coin Offerings [ICOs]. Past events have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, Fortune.com, Bloomberg and other mainstream media.

The two-day conference will have new things in store for the participants to bring added value to the top of the already stacked speakers and the training of the sponsors. In addition to the brand new Lightning Networking sessions, creative bets and the second track dedicated to digital security tokens, the event will continue to focus on investments, successful and future ICOs, legal implications and regulations, and how decentralization it interrupts not only the banking sector.

In addition to the two-day conference, The North American Bitcoin Conference is proud to announce the Miami Blockchain week, which has several satellite events before and after the conference, including hackathons, additional networking events, training days and afterparty.

The first speakers were announced and include:

  • David Chaum, inventor of Digital Cash
  • Dr. Patrick Byrne, founder of Overstock.com and t0
  • Halsey Minor, founder of CNET
  • Veronica McGregor, Head of Legal at Shapeshift.io
  • Matthew Roszak, co-founder, Bloq
  • Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin pioneer
  • Maja Vujinoc, CEO of OGroup
  • Craig Sellars, Co-Founder, Tether
  • Jason King, co-founder, Academy
  • Bruce Fenton, President of Atlantic Financial
  • Epperly Li, Bitmain Investment Director
  • Marco Santori, President of Blockchain.com
  • Andrew Filipowski, Chairman of Tally Capital
  • Sang Lee, President and CEO, Darcmatter
  • Alexa Hefti, Blockchain Tax Lead at Deloitte
  • Jeffrey Tucker, editorial director of the American Institute for Economic Research

Keynote's founder, Moe Levin, says:

"This conference comes at a crucial time as innovation requires us all to make informed investment decisions: With an influx of new opportunities and hundreds of new ICOs, Keynote wants to offer our participants the opportunity to meet the people and the product they will invest in, discuss the white papers and better understand the rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem.We are also enthusiastic about our participants to meet and interact with our sponsors and exhibitors, who are the largest active blockchain at the moment. "

Tickets are now available on the official website. For information on sponsorship and exposure, send an email.

About Keynote:

Keynote was launched in 2012 by blockchain strategist Moe Levin. More information and details on Keynote and the event can be found here!

For media information, contact Amandah Hendricks, Keynote Chief Communications Officer by e-mail.

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