The next Boomodivalency Boom stage is all set, which currency different from Bitcoin will explode in value?


With The Stage All Set, Which cryptocurrency will be the next to witness a massive turnaround in its fortunes?

It seems that the economic climate is right for us to experience another bullish explosion in the world of cryptography-based finance. However, this time, it seems that Bitcoin may not be the trigger, but rather other top 10 altcoins.

From now on, it is worth saying that 2018 was definitely not the best year for the digital currency market. This is made evident by the fact that a series of alt-assets has lost up to 80% of their ATH value (since January 2018).

A closer look at the subject

Over the last two months (October-November), the price of BTC remained remarkably stable. Not only that, a quick glance at the Bitcoin volatility index over the last 30 days shows that the currency has only shown fluctuations in value that vary in the region of 1.55% (which is nothing short of impressive). .

As a result of this, many investors have begun to see the good with a renewed sense of purpose, especially since then Bitcoin provides them with a long-term option to serve as a means of digital transaction (in addition to an excellent value store).

Another point worth mentioning here is that over time, the United States SEC it could also take into account the low volatility of BTC when deciding to approve the status of various Bitcoin ETF proposals that have been presented by a number of companies in the regulatory body (in recent times).

Regarding the matter, Anthony Cuthbertson, an important crypto analyst, writes:

"Cryptocurrency analysts believe the market may be about to reflect the gains it has experienced at the end of 2017. The only caveat is that it may not be Bitcoin to lead the charge this time."

Which currency is destined to hit it soon?

With the official numbers out there, the looming question that now seems to be in everyone's mind is:

"Will XLM or ETH be the best to witness tremendous economic growth in the coming weeks?"

According to the cryptographic research organization, Santiment, Ether is on track to recover thanks to recent market moves. Ian Mcleod also echoes this sentiment, who also believes that Ethereum "could be on the verge of a monumental and definitive global breakout".

Likewise, there is whoever says it Stellar lumens (XLM) could also be the alt-asset that serves as a catalyst for a new bull by running within today's digital currency market. This could be partly due to the decision of the company (November 6, 2018) to donate $ 125 million dollars XLM to its Blockchain wallet users (ie those who sign up for the air launch).

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