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The new Blockchain Association of Mexico led by ConsenSys was formed to educate the public on DLT apps


Every industry in the world has a lot to gain from the use of blockchain, which is why it is becoming increasingly important to educate the public about it. In Mexico's effort to pursue this knowledge, they established their first blockchain association. Contributing to the cause are some important players in the industry, including ConsenSys, according to Forbes Mexico.

The Blockchain Association of Mexico will work on the standards and practices that need to be followed in the technology blockchain sector in the country before it is integrated for traditional use. However, the group ultimately wants to inform the public about this technology and how it can be used in the economy.

The interim president for the association, Felipe Vallejo, commented,

"[Blockchain] technology has the goal of creating more transparent, secure and efficient procedures ".

As the group evolves, further openings for new members will be created.

The BIVA director, María Ariza, focused on how this association will work with the public.

She said,

"We want to generate a space for discussion and public order, we want everyone to be able to present their ideas".

The leaders of both the crypt and the blockchain have worked to launch their own associations to help connect with regulators in space, hoping it will help them to tell them in the coming standards. In fact, ten companies met on 17 Novemberth to form the Association for the Digital Goods Markets (ADAM) and to collaborate in the cryptographic sector "code of conduct".

September has brought a lot of progress on the market. Coinbase and others joined together to create the Blockchain Association, which is dedicated to representing mainstream companies in Washington, DC. Bank of Mexico, in the same month, he announced the need for cryptographic exchanges and banks to obtain a work permit, which requires a business plan, commissions to be debited and their method of verification of identity.

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