The Netherlands produces a drug to treat Corona virus derived from the blood plasma of cured people


The Dutch blood bank has announced the production of around 4,000 doses of a Dutch drug, which is a treatment with antibodies against the Corona virus, which is derived from blood plasma for those recovering from “Covid-19”, as the blood bank confirmed that the treatment is now ready for use, explaining that it is expected that medicinal plasma is given first to people with weak immune systems, such as cancer patients and people who have recently undergone a transplant, and will be used as a treatment to prevent these cases from becoming infected with the Corona virus.


“In recent months we have produced about 4 thousand doses of antibodies against Coronavirus from donated plasma,” writes the Dutch Blood Bank page on Facebook. This drug was made by order of the Ministry of Health with the help of thousands of donors who donated plasma with antibodies after infection. COVID-19 It is now ready for use. “

Dutch medicine
Dutch medicine

The blood bank explained: “This drug is mainly used to prevent infections and diseases in people with weakened immune systems. This concerns, for example, cancer patients and people who have undergone an organ transplant,” indicating that there will be other research to study the effectiveness of the drug. In the prevention of older people at risk of coronary infection, especially people in nursing homes.


For his part, Hugo de Jong, minister of public health in the Netherlands, has allocated funds and drug doses for this study, and preliminary results are expected to appear by the summer of next year..

“It’s a good job, and I thank everyone who donated plasma, and now we have to move quickly to the next step, which is to start this innovative treatment,” de Young said during his visit to the Dutch Blood Bank on Tuesday for see how the newly manufactured drug was produced.

Interestingly, the Ministry of Health provided € 10 million to the blood bank earlier this year to collect plasma and develop a plasma product that contains antibodies to Coronavirus and thousands of people recovering from plasma donated by the Corona virus at that time.


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