The National Translation Center mourns Raouf Wasfi, a pioneer in simplifying science in the Arab world


The National Translation Center mourned the great writer and translator Raouf Wasfi (1939-2020), a pioneer in simplifying science in the Arab world, and offered its sincere condolences to his family, readers and students, stressing that it left the Arab nation with a long history and legacy of valuable works that it provided to Egyptian and Arab readers.

Dr. Raouf Wasfi received the Scientific Translation Award for his translation of the book “Nanny Vision” from the Minister of Culture, Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem, at the Translator’s Day celebration held by the National Center for Translation on October 15th. He has worked as a teacher in the universities of Egypt, Iraq and Kuwait and is the publisher of the Al-Shehri (Scientific Culture for Youth) series of books issued by the General Book Authority at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. He has written and translated a large number of works, including: “The Universe and Black Holes”, “Robot: The Robot”, “Planet Earth”, “Science Fiction: Tames the Future and Promises Control It,” a journey into physics of matter and the universe “.

The late National Center for Translation has published a wide range of works: “Three Visions of the Future: American, British and Russian Science Fiction Literature”, “War of the Worlds”, “The Invisible Man”, “Human Beings like Gods “,” The Complete Short Stories of HG Wells “,” The Dark Side “. For the universe, short stories by Ray Bradbury, Future Foresight: The Nanotechnology Revolution and Nano Vision.

He also has a unique and distinct experience in writing stories for young people through a series of Egyptian paperback novels, which is the “Nova” series, which is among the strongest science fiction series in the Arab world, aimed at young and old. . He also participated in writing for children through a number of Arab children’s magazines, most notably the magazine “” Majed “through the” Your Way to Success “series, through which he presented practical ideas for self-development and in which I interested in stimulating the awareness of the young science fiction reader.

Some of his science fiction stories have been translated into Italian and he won the award for best science writer from the German Hans Seidel Foundation as well as the Scientific Simplification Award from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and his illustrious translation path it was crowned by winning the Scientific Translation Award of the National Translation Center.

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