The national government’s bets for economic reactivation in the year-end celebrations


“Get up early at Christmas and buy ours”, campaigns by the Colombian government to reactivate the country’s economy. Photo: courtesy of MinComercio

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo, reported on the new bets of the National Government for the economic reactivation of the country: “Get up early at Christmas and buy what is ours”.

With the official launch of the campaigns “Get him up early for Christmas and buy ours”, asks the national government “Responsibly distribute” the consumption of Colombians in the last months of the year, guarantee the safety of citizens by respecting the protocols related to the pandemic.

“It is about responsible consumption in compliance with biosecurity measures, which in turn will reactivate the economy and preserve the employment of many Colombians”Minister Restrepo said at the event.

This initiative includes the last day without VAT scheduled for this year, the next Black Friday, the prepayment of the prize and the Gran Finde campaign, which will take place in November and December of the current year.

Day without VAT

The last day without VAT scheduled for this 2020 by the National Government will be held on 21 November, in person and through the electronic platforms of the establishments. On that day, Colombians will be able to acquire, without this tax, inputs for agriculture, clothing, games, fashion accessories, sporting goods and virtual appliances only.

For this day, according to Minister Restrepo, they expect sales in the country of over $ 5 billion pesos, which represents a 10% growth compared to the second day without VAT, July 3 amidst selective confinement.

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Black Friday

The Black Friday session will take place from 27 to 29 November and includes the participation of more than 85 fashion, technology, health and beauty, baby products, home appliances and appliances stores, With which Colombian families are asked to make Christmas purchases for these dates.

On this day you can find more than 1,000 exclusive offers from recognized brands which are expected to increase sales by 20%, compared to the last days of October, when Halloween was celebrated with restrictions in the country.

Advance payment of the premium

The government of Iván Duque has established the advance payment of the premium “to all officials of the central order”, which is over 1.2 million, which would represent $ 1.4 billion pesos. The head of the Trade portfolio, in turn, invited the private sector to participate in this campaign which aims at the industrial and commercial reactivation of the country, as well as the economic recovery.

The Caribbean island & # 241;  to de San Andr & # 233;  wants to be there  seaside destination l & # 237;  der in the world '.  EFE / Ricardo Maldonado Rozo / Archive
The Caribbean island & # 241; to de San Andr & # 233; aims to be the & quot; seaside destination of the world ‘. EFE / Ricardo Maldonado Rozo / Archive

Great Finde

Similarly, the director general of the National Tourism Fund (Fontur), Raquel Garavito, who also participated in the launch, announced the “Gran Finde” initiative with which it intends to reactivate the tourism sector in Colombia, with the private sector support.

The general manager of Fontur has invited companies in the sector to “promote their products”, from 20 to 22 November, days in which you can find offers from hotels, airlines, travel agencies, amusement parks and restaurants.

According to Raquel Garavito, Fontur will invest around $ 39 billion pesos for this and other campaigns for the rest of the year stimulate the country’s tourism sector, one of the most affected by the health crisis.

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