The municipality of Hebron wins the second place in the Arab world in the international field for volunteering


Ramallah – the world of the homeland
Mahmoud Abu Sobeih, Director of the Cultural and Youth Activities Department of the Municipality of Hebron, participated in the activities of the international volunteer and electronic media camp for a period of four days, through the electronic platform Zoom, with the participation of several Arab countries, where the camp was organized with the slogan “Volunteering Develop Yourself to Advance Your Communities”.

Its first session was opened by Dr Sheikh Ikrima Sabry and Professor Aziz Al-Asa, a Heritage Researcher in Jerusalem, the State of Palestine, with the title of volunteer at the time of the first generation and its age suitability, and the second session was attended by Professor Mahdi Ramdani from Algeria, entitled The role of the media and the content of the marketing process in the light of the crisis.

Regarding the second day sessions, Prof. Mahmoud “Al-Akoh” of the Arab Republic of Egypt with a working document entitled The conference The foundations of positive thinking and its applications in self-development, and the second seminar, Jamal Kamal Al-Zubaidi from Palestine presented a working paper entitled Electronic intellectual conquest and its effects on individuals and society. Ali Bahloul from Tunisia a paper on social psychology and its role in guiding and developing positive behaviors for individuals, and the second session by Dr. Miloud Abdullah from Libya on mechanisms and methods for integrating people with special needs into volunteering.

On the fourth and last day the volunteer experiences of the participants were presented, equal to 20 experiences, evaluated by a specialized supervision committee composed of evaluators from the following countries: Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, where the people of Abu Khaleba of the State of Syria won first place for his volunteer experience Within the Syrian camps, represented in support of education and psychological aspect, Mr. Mahmoud Abu Subaih was awarded the second place for the experience of the Department of Activities community in the municipality of Hebron through its volunteers in the centers, especially during the Corona pandemic, and the third place was for the Libyan experience in the initiatives.

The camp came out with several recommendations, the most important of which are:

1. Work to involve people with special needs in the future activities of the organization in order to integrate them into volunteer work by creating a program that serves them.

2. Work to dedicate the role of electronic media to the transmission of the culture of volunteering.

3. Accompany the radiance of the volunteer spirit with efforts to sustain it.

And color it with signs of encouragement in recognizing its value and impact on the development of society.

4. Make sure that the volunteer participates in training courses, conferences and seminars to help him develop the spirit of volunteering and highlight his skills.


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