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The MSU seminar will focus on blockchain technology in agriculture

Blockchain technology and its implications on future supply chains are the subject of a 27 November seminar at Mississippi State University. Blockchain is a shared register of data held by a computer network to trace the supply chain and improve food security.

In September, Walmat announced that its suppliers of green leafy vegetables will be invited within a year to implement real-time monitoring from farm-to-store through the use of blockchain technology.

The symposium will explore the implications for the agricultural supply chains and what the people of the university community should do to tackle the problems.

Mark Pryor, president and CEO of The Seam, will present the seminar one hour at 13:30. at Bost Auditorium on campus. A group of experts will talk about the implications of technology for agriculture.

The Seam, headquartered in Memphis, is a leading provider of commercial and technology solutions that allows farms to operate profitably and efficiently through a sustainable global supply chain, according to the company's website. He created the first cotton exchange completely online and is now working on other products, including peanuts, cocoa, coffee and cereals.

Blockchain technology improves transparency throughout the supply chain by allowing consumers to readily understand sustainability practices used in the production, harvesting and transportation of agricultural products.

The seminar and round table are hosted by the Department of Agricultural Economics of the Mississippi State University. For information or accommodations related to a disability, please contact Dr. Keith Coble at 662-325-6670 or [email protected]

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