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The most important answers to the tragic disaster in Sweden – Panorama

During the Saturday night, a tragic car accident occurred on a rural road in northern Sweden. A truck collided with a minibus. The truck driver survived, six of the seven minibus occupants, all of them Bernese Oberland, were killed. What is known about the accident:

Who are the victims?

The Swiss were all born in the 1990s, a Swedish police spokeswoman, the DPA news agency said on Sunday. According to the "Blick", the youngest victim turned 19. Five of them come from Adelboden.

According to an acquaintance of the victims, they have led the new year in Scandinavia every year. Apparently they had an apartment or a cabin, said "20 minutes". The purpose of the holiday of several weeks was to look at the polar lights in Norway.

The young people were also all members of the free Church "Church for Christ". On Instagram, church officials wrote: "We heard that there was a fatal accident that struck six young people in the community and we ask you to pray for the victims."

What do you know about the scene of the accident?

According to Swedish police, the accident occurred on a rural road in northern Sweden, near the city of Kiruna. "The road was smooth, it was dark and the wind was blowing in the strength of the hurricane," said the spokeswoman. We still did not know about the accident. Further information is expected from the truck driver and surviving Switzerland. "The two survivors are in severe shock."

The incident occurred on a famous road near Masugnsbyn, near the city of Kiruna. Map: Google

In the case of locals, the scene of the accident is known as the "curve of death", reports Swedish state television. A Swede who lives 900 meters from the road said: "Everyone here knows this curve and they drive them from 60 to 70 kilometers at the time." Foreigners, however, would not know how dangerous the place is and therefore they drive the maximum speed signaled by 90 km / h. The authorities have announced that, following requests from residents, they will examine the position. Just a few hours before the tragedy, another incident had already happened there.

What do the relatives say?

The father of the only surviving Swiss said "20 minutes" that his son does not remember the incident: "He slept on the bus, this is the last thing he knows." At first he showed up alone in a rescue helicopter. The 23 year old has some broken ribs, squeezed lungs and various cuts on the head. The father assumes that recovery takes one or two months.

He learned from the incident by calling the Swedish authorities: "The spokesman said he had to bring bad news.I learned in the conversation that my son survived, but unfortunately six of his friends died." Relatives are under psychological care. Likewise, the truck driver remained unharmed. "It's very bad," said Kaunis Iron, spokesman for the truck company, the "Blick".

Why was the World Cup skiing in Adelboden not interrupted?

On Chuenisbärgli the weekend was largely a turbulent mood. The reason for this was the classic ski, which takes place every year. Many of the approximately 30,000 visitors knew nothing about the tragedy. The responsible people remained silent for a long time. The cantonal police of Bern ordered them not to communicate for the time being.

The "Blick" raised the question that Sunday's slalom competition was not canceled. The boss OK, Peter Willen, replied: "Obviously we discussed all the variations." Although it was an unprecedented tragedy for the families affected and for Adelboden, but: "It has nothing to do directly with the occasion." Could someone help with a cancellation of the race or a cancellation of the race? " Information has always arrived piecemeal: "For a long time we have not had clear facts and we are not aware of the extent of this drama".

For holidays that occur otherwise they were canceled Sunday evening after the completed race weekend. The event ended after the award ceremony with a minute of silence and event information. (Fas)

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