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The minister warns against the abduction of Brexit by the parliament


Liam Fox says parliamentarians are acting against the people

"Parliament does not have the right to seize the Brexit cause because the parliament has told the people of this country:" We make a contract with you, make the decision and honor this decision ", said the Minister of foreign trade Liam Fox, in statements to the BBC. For the minister, the agreement negotiated by the government with Brussels remains the best solution for the UK and the failure to comply with the result of the 2016 referendum or the convening of a new referendum is to break this contract.

"What we have now is that some of those who have always opposed the outcome of the referendum are trying to kidnap Brexit and effectively steal the result from the people," added Fox, who has consistently advocated leaving the 39; EU.

After seeing its agreement reached by the House of Commons, in the worst parliamentary defeat of a functioning government in the modern history of the United Kingdom (432 deputies voted against and only 202 in favor), Prime Minister Theresa May must present a plan B for an orderly exit of the EU before the March 29 deadline, something that seems increasingly difficult.

Yesterday, the Cabinet of May was "extremely worried" about the fact that Members of the European Parliament could now leave the executive branch and introduce amendments to the House of Commons declaration that would allow the United Kingdom to leave the EU, something that British leader rejected at first glance. Conservative Nick Boles and Labor Yvette Cooper are working on an amendment to change the rules of Parliament's calendar, which would pave the way for the proposed bill on the extension of Article 50 if there is not agreement for Brexit.

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