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The minister of culture now … The minister of culture considers the mind of the idea of ​​the exhibition. Islam Shalaby unknown soldier who does not talk about it

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In a few days, readers of the Cairo Book Fair will be separated from their gold jubilee, which runs from January 22nd to February 5th, and invites them to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the exhibition. And the circumstances of the session in difficult political circumstances after the defeat ..
It is even more important that the organizers of the gold jubilee ceremony ignored the idea, which is revealed in the following report:
In his book «Memoirs in politics and culture», published by Dar al-Shorouk, dr. Former minister of culture, Tharwat Okasha, reveals the owner of the proposal to hold the exhibition, and although the image of Okasha appears on the poster of the fiftieth session is due but the true hero is still unknown, Al-Shorouq found an article written by the late writer Anis Mansour in his most famous column of the Al-Ahram newspaper "Mawaqif", in which he noted the long-standing name in the shadow. The author of "200 Days Around the World" wrote : The book fair, my friends and municipalities Islam Shalaby, and worked in the publishing industry in Lebanon, and then J This wonderful industry was revived in Egypt, and it was one of his ideas to found this international exhibition, forgetting her in the crowd of names that floated a lot on the surface, so I hid the humble real actor who was swallowed up by oblivion Shalabi was full of life, ambition and hope. He went to buy and manage hotels, he died dreaming of making a chain of restaurants and desserts in Denmark and Germany, but his weak body did not support his ambition, his hopes and his life in length and breadth. Suhair al-Qalmawi, in order to dedicate herself to publication, had decided to devote herself to aviation and to her most exciting and creative activities.
Dr. Tharwat Okasha, Minister of Culture and former Deputy Prime Minister, wrote in his memoirs "My memories in politics and culture": he presented to the artist Abdel Salam Al-Sherif a proposal for the institution of an international book fair in Egypt. , And contacted the international book market known in Leipzig, and sent his representative, Mr. Islam Shalaby to prepare the creation of a similar exhibition on an Arab scale, linking it to the movement of the book's publication internationally dealing with the participants in the Leipzig annual fair, and its great enthusiasm and efficiency is the most important success of the idea, and began as a result of this configuration profitable communications for «International Book Fair» held by the Foundation for the first time in the January 1969 in order to allow the possibility for universities and scientific bodies to achieve the need for affordable references.
The first show was attended by 27 countries and over 400 publishers, and visited more than seventy thousand visitors during the ten days of the period of residence, and despite the effort made and the expenses that have been achieved by the Foundation benefit from the services provided to Arab publishers and foreigners, of the distribution of the book, however, the problem with this is not measured by the material gain, as measured by the impact of the exposure on intellectual life in the Arab world, to the extent of the social sentiment that should be established each year. This prompted the Ministry of Culture to repeat the experiment every year until Tomorrow today's exhibition is a reference cultural landmark with the start of every year no never stop, eagerly awaited by the masses and from passion and enthusiasm ".
These two paragraphs clearly show the name of Islam Shalabi, with a fundamental difference is he the mind of the idea of ​​holding the right book? The mother of the mind and the hand executed for her? And if it is this or that, because its name has been ignored for all these years, while other names were widespread, and the secret behind its name was ignored in all that published by the authority of the Egyptian book which founding fathers to hold the first book fair.
To answer this question, Al-Shorouq continued with the family of Islam Shalaby, and it was the beginning with his wife Mona Madkour and her son Omar Islam Shalaby, who categorically stated that his father was the owner of the Idea and who worked on its realization. , Since he was a student at the American University of Beirut, he had his experiences in this area, worked with the house «Khayat» for publication, and when he returned from Lebanon to Egypt, he & # 39; ; idea was presented at d. Tharwat Okasha, who was enthusiastic about her and appointed my parents as a consultant to the Ministry of Culture, to follow up on the idea and work on its implementation ». What already happened, became the father general manager of the book fair.
The late son, who his father continued to work on for three consecutive sessions, before submitting his resignation and obtaining permission from Gulf Air, maintaining the publishing house he founded on behalf of the Publishing House Arabic ", emphasizing that his father was also the first experience of the idea of ​​adding an element Drawing on books, rather than just the name of the author and the title of the book, using the following: the artist Mustafa Hussein, the writer Ahmed Rajab and the artist Joseph Francis.
He added that his father's name was present at every session of the show. In his diyah, pointing out that when his father was asked for the absence of his name, he told him that "the scourge of our forgotten", as you learned from Naguib Mahfouz.
Mrs. Madkour, the wife of the late, confirmed that the idea had come to her husband during his visit to Germany and to his great amazement at the Frankfurt International Book Fair and the Leipzig exhibition, not as soon as an exhibition was held in Egypt. The Egyptian book, to be able to realize the dream on the ground, add "from the enthusiasm of the cutter was receiving the books of the publishing houses abroad, and pour a few boxes and help them to stack them on the shelves" and the question: the name of Islam Shalabi who will correct it before the beginning of the fiftieth session or lost In the hustle and bustle of events?
The head of the body of the book, the dott. Haitham Al-Haj, do you have the desire to correct the story? Can the Minister of Culture, Dr. Enas Abdalayem, send the name of Islam Shalabi from the ashes of history? "

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