The Microsoft Flight Simulator update adds the National Mall and other locations in the United States.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has introduced its major worldwide update in the United States, adding new airports and important landmarks for players to explore.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched its second major global update, which will significantly renew the United States of America. The previous game update reshaped Japan, redesigned six major cities, and added landmarks and new airports for players to use when planning their travels. The developers have decided to make these major updates a regular part of the game in the future, and to that end they announced the US update last month.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been hugely successful since its launch. It is the first entry into the robust simulation series in many years, and players have stuck to it as much for being a superb, well-programmed and realistic game, as for being filled with absurd flaws and bugs. On the one hand, the developer’s ambitious intention to model all the airports in the game and provide a faithful representation of the entire planet has resulted in a solid simulation where players can go anywhere and fans have responded very well to that freedom. On the other hand, that same ambition has led to a significant amount of bugs, glitches and rendering issues, which have also been accepted by gamers for the absurdity they give to such a serious and simple title. One of the most infamous examples is a colossal 212-story skyscraper discovered in the Australian game simulation, due to a typo in the mapping software used to create the game.

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With the addition of the US update, the already huge world of the game is getting a little bigger. Microsoft outlined the developer’s plans for the game in a recent post on Xbox Wire. The game’s digital elevation model has been improved and now offers updated resolutions within one meter. However, the technical updates are far from the only thing that has been added; The update introduces four new craft airports in the United States and adds visual enhancements to 48 more across the country. 50 new hi-fi landmarks have been introduced for fans to admire from the comfort of their booths, including the National Mall in Washington DC. These points of interest are shown in full effect in the Xbox YouTube page trailer, which vividly displays some of the most iconic landmarks in the United States such as the Statue of Liberty, Devil’s Tower and Mount Rushmore. The new airports were also on display, along with some less postcard-worthy additions, such as the Tucson Aircraft Graveyard and a fleet of oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. These aren’t that picturesque, but they will go a long way in improving and expanding the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was already a huge game at launch. It took so long to download that players started reviewing by bombing the title. It was so big that the physical edition came with ten discs just to get all the content on one PC. It’s impressive to see developer Asobo Studio busy making such a giant game even bigger and better.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was definitely a great success story this year. Stories abound about how players have used the game’s extensive simulation to create their own unique stories and experiences. Hopefully, the US update gives you even more reasons for thrilling stories and delightful experiences now that these majestic US landmarks and airports have been unveiled. Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Fuente: Xbox Wire, Xbox

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