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The McAfee team launches the McAfee Market Cap and McAfee Crypto Team websites

John McAfee has been dubbed the crypto-crusader who will fight for the rights of every single crypt-trader until his last breath. He fired at the SEC for their role in trying to stop the expansion of cryptocurrencies and even filed a lawsuit against HitBTC. As for HitBTC, McAfee is collecting information from those affected by HitBTC services after the exchange "made it difficult" for Docademic (MTC) owners to withdraw their funds on the stock market.

It is with this background that Team McAfee launched McAfeeMarketCap.com and McAfeeCryptoTeam.com.


The McAfeeMarketCap.com website presents data aligned with the 24-hour values ​​and trends of all major coins and tokens in crypto-markets. The current list on McAfeeMarketCap.com reaches 948 cryptocurrencies and also provides real-time data on the total capitalization of crypto-markets, 24-hour volume and the Bitcoin domain.

Screenshot McAfeeMarketCap.com. Source, mcafeemarketcap.com

According to the website, McAfeeMarketCap.com was founded for the following reason:

McAfee Market Cap it was founded at the beginning of 2018 when some members of the McAfee team had a vision: to create the complete database of information and information on everything related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Today, there are several websites that offer information and price monitoring. McAfee Market Cap aims to improve these concepts and bring something unique and precious to the table.

The site continues by stating that there are plans for additional features on the website:

Summer 2018 It will be a big event for McAfee Market Cap and cryptoverse. We will implement additional coins, indices and an online social network for traders, investors and blockchain enthusiasts.


The McAfee team has also launched the McAfee Crypto Team website, which offers support for ICO throughout all phases of development. Their experts work with ICO in the following ways:

  • Strategic analysis – in all phases of the ICO process
  • White paper support: polishing white papers to better communicate the project vision
  • Web optimization – usability and aesthetics of the website
  • Cryptographic connection verification: check all partners on key elements such as trust, feasibility and experience
  • Network resources – access to the McAfee industry connections team
  • Audience coverage: social media and other multimedia services

These two McAfee team sites and services are a welcome addition to the crypto-community resources. Three applause to the team!

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