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The MBA of cryptocurrency is now available at the University of South Korea

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the request for a course by the same is becoming increasingly popular in universities. Following this popularity, the Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technology, also known as Assist, revealed on December 21 that it did now offers a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in crypto and its blockchain below.

A master in blockchain, cryptoeconomics and token economics from the point of view of the crypt-economy of technology and business strategy is how the school described the course. This course is the first MBA course dedicated to cryptocurrency in the world in a company specialization school.

"The mission of the cryptic MBA program of Assist business school is to remedy the lack of academic research and systematic education currently available in the sector, despite a high level of social interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency."

In addition to knowing the functioning of the general theme of cryptography and its technology, students enrolled in this course will be required to take courses on Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and EOS [EOS].

Cryptology, intelligent contracting capabilities and system dynamics, DApp planning, strategic statistics, digital financial accounting will also be a teaching area. In order to promote an altcoins creation, the composition of the white paper will also be taught.

Another top-university that has joined the Bitcoin frenzy is New York University (NYU), which launched a blockchain and crypto course entitled "Law and Business of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies" in 2014.

The Blockchain courses entitled "Blockchain Fundamentals" and "Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains and Applications" are underway at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

The crypto-push offered to universities is a product of the environment that South Korea offers to its sector of cryptocurrencies. The country represented 25% of the universal cryptocurrency transactions.

South Korea at the beginning of the year said that cryptocurrency trade is not included in the classification of venture capital firms. The ministry of small and medium-sized enterprises and startups [MSS] he said that he would consider the exchange of encryptions alongside bars and night clubs as companies that "would not encourage a venture capital firm".

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are banned in South Korea due to the presence of numerous fraudulent activities and the lack of the necessary regulation of virtual currency.

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