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The mayor of Danzica dies of wounds

At an event in the Polish port city, an attacker attacked politician Pawel Adamowicz. Now he died of his injuries to the hospital.

The mayor of Danzig, Pawel Adamowicz, succumbed to his wounds after the knife attack. This was announced by the Polish health minister on Monday. "Despite all our efforts, we have not been able to save it," said a doctor, according to the PAP news agency.

The politician had been attacked on Sunday at a charity event on the open stage with a knife. A reaction of revenge was suspected behind the act. It is said that the offender has called during the attack that he was innocently detained, it was said, citing eyewitnesses. The 27-year-old Danziger, who reportedly would have served more than five years in prison for bank robbery, was arrested. On Monday, the public prosecutor wants to hear it. Polish politicians condemned the act.

Adamowicz at a party event in April 2018. (Source: AP / dpa)Adamowicz at a party event in April 2018. (Source: AP / dpa)

Adamowicz was until 2015 at the current opposition party Bürgerplattform PO. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Warsaw, the politician had initially been revived after the attack. Then he came to the hospital and underwent surgery.

The assailant took the stage in the final of a national fundraiser and attacked Adamowicz. The alleged perpetrators have the PO civic platform accused of his detention, reported the PAP agency, citing the filming of the film on Sunday.

"Act of barbarism": Poland is shaken

On recordings spread in the Polish media, it can be seen that the attacker remained on the stage after the fact and triumphed until he was overwhelmed by security personnel. "He was happy," said an eyewitness to TVN24. The man does not have much time after the sentence to his detention in prison, according to reports from the media, citing investigators. It is said that the Pole came with a media accreditation near the stage of the fundraising gala in which Adamowicz had given a speech.

The act during a well-known charity event of the WOSP organization shook all of Poland. The annual event will raise funds to equip hospitals for children. The attack on Adamowicz's life and health must be condemned in the strongest terms, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter. Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski had spoken of an "act of barbarism".

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