“The Masked Singer”: Unmasked – Wigald Boning is the frog


Updated 11 November 2020 at 10:51

Surprise with announcement: From the start, the jury of “The Masked Singer” speculated that Wigald Boning could be under the mask of the frog. This was the case, because Boning actually lifted the frog mask on Tuesday night and revealed that a jury member had even sent him a text message asking if it was the frog.

Christian Vock

A critique

from Christian Vock

Anyone can sing. This phrase, also often used by singing teachers, is as right as it is wrong. Because in theory it is obviously possible for everyone to learn to sing – only not everyone uses it, and you just hear it. In the past Episodes of “The Masked Singer” it was no different.

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Veronika Ferres, Jochen Schropp is Sylvie Meis have so far under their masks made respectable appearances, but with the three all the candidates who do not earn their bread mainly by singing have also been eliminated – perhaps that is why. The probability that the remaining candidates will include people who actually use the ability to sing for professional reasons is high, but not 100%.

Singing can be questioned at the first performance of the evening. The Frog he had done it brilliantly in his previous appearances, to hide a singing ability with “The Masked Singer” with Halligalli. His focus was less on good singing than on one Blend of entertainment and ringtone music.

The frog has stayed true to this tradition in series four and presented a medley from Modern Talking, with guest judge Elton having a hard time hearing more than one song in this medley. However, moderator Matthias Opdenhövel wants “a brilliant opening” expert. The audience saw it differently and voted the frog first Loser in a three-way battle with Anubis and meerkats.

“The Masked Singer”: frog vs cat vs alien

The cat also ended up on the rickety candidate list. In the duel against the alien, he first pulled out all the stops and then the short straw for the musical hit “I am What I am”. It was there the vocal performance of the cat is superior to that of the alien. But as is well known, the ability to sing is not the only point of reference for “The Masked Singer”. The public liked it anyway die “Wrecking Ball” -Version des Aliens better. He then sent the cat to the frog in his trembling lap.

Landed there too the hippo. The one delivered with a slightly smaller one Version des Alicia-Keys-Hits “Empire State of Mine” a solid performance, but had bad luck against the skeleton having to compete. He doesn’t just have the courage to watch “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston trust me, but it also inspired the jury – again. Or like it Sonja Zietlow said it: “Big time and better every time.”

So in the end the frog, the cat and the hippo in the second round and once again they had fate in their own hands. The three shaky candidates were allowed to try to convince the public with three new appearances.

The frog stayed true to his line of not being able to sing and tried “Kung Fu Fighting”, the cat Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and the hippo on the classic “New York, New York”.

The result: apparently audiences really like it when candidates can sing in “The Masked Singer”, so the frog ended up in last place and consequently had to abandon his customs a little later.

But maybe it was also the custom or the public’s desire to finally find out who is now under the green mask. Here they are Jury members Sonja Zietlow, Bülent Ceylan and Elton Already throughout the evening the most diverse mental games were staged and numerous names buzzed around the studio.

Behind the skeleton want

  • Mandy Capristo,
  • Sarah Lombardi or
  • Sandy Mölling


the cat should optionally

  • Uschi Glas,
  • Vicky Leandros,
  • Judith Williams or
  • Iris Berben his,

the Alien he could

  • Luke Mockridge,
  • Tim Bendzko or
  • Rolando Villazon his,

the hippopotamus on the other hand

  • Haddaway,
  • Nelson Müller or
  • Amiaz Habtu.

To the Anubis the names fell away

  • Klaas Heufer-Umlauf,
  • Mark Medlock is
  • Jürgen Vogel,

both meerkat the jury passes

  • Daniela Katzenberger is Lucas Cordalis respectively
  • Jana Ina is Giovanni Zarrella up.

To warm up the whole conjecture a bit, the shaky candidates presented their second appearances various elements as additional clues With.

The cat had a heart with one USB pendrive there, he brought the hippo Winterkonfetti with and that of the frog Plastikpalme it’s at Sardinenbüchse. This time, the jury suspected the frog was optional Pierre Littbarski It is again Wigald Boning – and it was perfect with the last tip.

Frosch Wigald Boning received mail from the jury

Shortly before midnight, Boning finally took off the frog mask from his head and, to everyone’s surprise, wore his glasses the entire time. But Boning had another secret with him. Because he did it received a text message from Bülent Ceylan, in the state: “Isn’t that you?” Ceylan had no answer, at least until Tuesday night.

The frog was shot in the thighs: in “The Masked Singer” the “mad frog” is eliminated. It’s Wigald Boning. “It’s a shame,” says Bülent Cylan in mourning. Boning also sighs that he still has a lot to do.

Teaserbild: © ProSieben / Willi Weber


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