The Masked Singer (ProSieben): Juror sends Helene Fischer a message with a spicy question – obvious reaction


The skeleton of “The Masked Singer” could be Helene Fischer – at least Bülent Ceylan is still convinced.

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Is there really a feeling of success in “The Masked Singer”? Is Helene Fischer the skeleton? A juror simply asked her very boldly and got a meaningful answer.

  • In the fall season of “The Masked Singer” he deals with it skeleton by riot.
  • Bulent Ceylan remains: it is Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer.
  • He has a bizarre explanation for his thesis.

Munich – Celebrities among the Skeleton costume is already the big star of third season “The Masked Singer”. With her powerful voice, with each episode she shuffles the badger team, from which she has already been called “one of the best singers in Germany”. Nobody doubts that a professional singer is under the skeleton costume.

“The Masked Singer” 2020: Which Singing Talent Is In A Skeleton Costume?

According to the ProSieben app, most viewers tap Sarah Lombardi, the second-placed DSDS since 2011. And indeed, there is a lot of evidence to support Pietro Lombardi’s ex-wife. He could also have betrayed himself with an Instagram post.

Evaluate a team member Bulent Ceylan but he still doesn’t want to say goodbye to the thought of Schlager Queen Helene Fischer hiding under the mask of the skeleton. In episode two he stated: “I smelled Helene Fischer.” After all, he’s already performed “Breathless Through the Night” with her and knows her smell.

“The Masked Singer” 2020: Bülent Ceylan asked Helene Fischer if she was the skeleton

In episode three, Bülent Ceylan, who was so excited about the skeletal appearance that he spontaneously jumped on the table and Head banging done again. He proudly tells: “I sent a voice message to Helene Fischer. And actually she or her boyfriend always responds to me when I write to her. “So he simply said to Helene Fischer:” It would be so good if you took part in ‘The Masked Singer’. “Unlike usual, the Schlager- But the singer didn’t answer him. For the comedian clear indication that Helene is the skeleton. As he speaks from experience in Season 1, he wore an angel costume: “Whenever someone wrote to me as an angel, I didn’t answer. That was pretty much the answer. So it can be Helene too!”

His colleagues on the rate team, however, did not seem very convinced of Bülent Ceylan’s theory, they were much more impressed with something else: “Do you have Helene’s mobile number?” Sonja Zietlow asked incredulously.

VIdeo: Or is Sarah Lombardi under the skeleton mask at “The Masked Singer” 2020?

Sonja Zietlow and Carolin Kebekus stay with it – they believe it’s Sarah Lombardi and they think it would be great if she could show what kind of talent she is. Whoever really hides under the skeleton costume, however, will only show up very late in “The Masked Singer”, because the costume is called Favorite to win acted. So fans will have to wait a little longer with the resolution. (spl)

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