The Lightning (LN) network of Bitcoin (BTC) sees a key milestone in 4,000 knots and count

The Lightning (LN) network of Bitcoin (BTC) sees a key milestone in 4,000 knots and count

The lighting bolt Network it is the second level of Bitcoin. It has been designed to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions. The network has grown since its launch and has recently reached a key milestone when it has reached and exceeded the 4000 knots, bringing its capacity to the highest level.

The figures

The latest news has been confirmed by 1ML, the Bitcoin monitoring resource dedicated to monitoring the progress of the Lightning Network.

According to 1ML, the lighting bolt Network had 4,026 starting from November 13th. Of these, 2,910 knots are public. The developers also assume that there may be many more hidden nodes. Combined, all these nodes give the platform an optimal capacity of 112.5 BTC. However, this figure has recently risen to 118 BTC on the 13thth November. These figures translate into approximately $ 743,000.

It is important to note that the largest node on the platform has a capacity of just under 16BTC – this is a testament to network accessibility.

A growing reputation

The Lightning network is already active on Litecoin and many other tokens. Many other tokens are also taking note of its progress and are planning to integrate it into their platforms. More recently, Stellar has announced plans to integrate the network into its platform by the end of the year.

The company made this announcement on a recent blog post – it was also nice to remember that it was hit by recent milestones and network developments.

It is interesting to note that Stellar has made great strides – it has recently climbed to the top five cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Its developers are optimistic that this trajectory will hold up and expects the Lightning network to increase the security and long-term scalability of the currency.

Early stages of development

The Lightning network has come a long way in a short time. However, the platform is still in its early stages of development.

It is interesting to note that, Lightning Network & # 39; s the developers still consider the platform an experimental concept. The developers are still working on the security of the platform and the basic infrastructure for robustness. Other factors such as ease of use and user experience are second and will only be taken into account if and when the platform is successful. However, it seems that he is already considering the recent milestone.

The recent development of Lightning Network has prompted the development team to consider wider developments. This was confirmed during a recent interview with Alex Bosworth, CEO of, a payment gateway and a corresponding developer for the Lightning network. Bosworth said the developer team was considering making changes and updates to hidden destinations, multi-route payments and double-funding channels, among other features.

The list of changes reaches 30 and other changes will be implemented in the near future.


Bitcoin & # 39; s Lightning Network is taking giant steps as it progresses to become a full-fledged trading platform. His most recent milestone, surpassing 4,000 knots, is proof of his potential and abilities.

It can still be considered an experimental commitment by its developers, but this recent milestone could have sealed its destiny as a permanent platform: the team of developers is already planning to implement 30 changes and updates.

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