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The Lebanese president makes a proposal to help the Arab countries affected by the war

On Sunday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun opened the fourth session of the Arab economic summit in Beirut.

Beirut – Sputnik. The session began with a speech by the Saudi Finance Minister, whose country presided over the recent Arab summit in Dhahran, after which Aoun delivered his speech.

"We are not here to discuss the causes of the war, but to face the consequences for the economies of our countries," he said.

"Internal wars and the spread of terrorism and extremism and the outbreak of waves of displaced persons and nursery schools have negatively affected the development process".

The Lebanese president also called on Syrian refugees to return to their land of origin, urging the international community to make efforts to secure the safe return of Syrian refugees to their country, particularly for accessible safe areas.

"We worked on the proposal for a draft final declaration issued by the summit on the crisis of displaced persons and refugees".

The Lebanese president also proposed the establishment of an Arab bank for reconstruction, development and assistance to affected Arab countries and peoples.

"I take the initiative to adopt the reconstruction strategy for development, invoking the establishment of effective mechanisms, most of which is the establishment of an Arab Bank for reconstruction and development to help all the Arab countries and peoples affected to overcome their situation and contribute to their sustainable economic growth ".

He also accused Israel of threatening the sovereignty of his country. "Israel continues to threaten the sovereignty of Lebanon by land, sea and air and violates Resolution 1701," he said.

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