The leader of the ripple says that the XRP coin extraction consumes much less energy than Bitcoin and Ethereum

XRP consumes less energy than BTC and ETH

Ripple's Cory Johnson recently tweeted on XRP, ETH and BTC about their impact on the environment. This is becoming more of a problem more as the use of cryptocurrency becomes more widespread.

XRP tends to consume around 0.01 TWh [terawatt hours]. ETH and BTC consume substantially more, with the former at 19.62 TWh and the latter at 68.81 TWh. Bitcoin, by itself, uses the same amount of energy as the Czech Republic.

Kelly-Pitou, an associate researcher at Resilient Energy and Power Systems, seemed to have a different approach. He said that at first, new technologies tend to be inefficient when it comes to consumption. Next, people try to look for ways to improve efficiency when they implement the technology. Energy savings can also lead to greater cost efficiency.

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, shared his views on how cryptomining affects energy consumption. He noted that he has no worries about energy consumption because he enhances the value of cryptocurrency "in a sense". He also noted that energy also enhances the security of bitcoin transactions.

Some tweeters replied to Johnsons tweet. Two of the most interesting include the following comments. First of all, xXMPH said: "They only have to develop a way or mix less energy." Scalability and security are much more important issues. "Crypto Hold added:" In a world where electric cars are being phased in gradually and everyone is becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint, it only makes sense to do the same with crypto consumption ".

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