The latest news of the day: the memory of Maspero .. Faiza Ahmed: Abdul Wahab took care of "Najat" more than me .. The radio refused my request to read the Koran


Latest news from Egypt: the memory of Maspero .. Faiza Ahmed: Abdel Wahab took care of "Najat" more than me .. The radio refused my request to read the Koran

Fayza Ahmed was born on December 5, 1930. She died on September 21, 1983, a Syrian-Egyptian singer, born of a Syrian father in Sidon in Lebanon, returned to Damascus and traveled from Syria to Egypt. For the Egyptian radio in Cairo; where presented by the radio Salah Zaki in a song composed by Mohamed Mohsen.

In a rare interview presented by "Maspero Zaman" presented by Amal Abdullah, he said that the great musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab took care of the singer Najat more than, and gave her more and better songs than the songs he he gave her, and then gave her distinctive melodies.

She pointed out that she made a request to read the voice of the Koran, but it was forbidden and was rejected, explaining that she likes to read the Koran;

During the meeting he asked to pay attention to the theater of singing and to provide great talents because it is an image that shows art in Egypt and in the Arab world, as is happening in Paris, but it takes great techniques and great costs, expressing his desire that the Arab nation participate in the creation of a theater with high techniques and offers a variety of combinations Arab singers.

As for her preference for the short song at the expense of the long song, she pointed out that she doesn't distinguish the short song but likes to give the short and long song; because the listener loves diversity in the delivery of different songs and the demands of life, speed and high cost of living are the reason for the development of the song and the spread of short songs.

He continued, that all the singing voices in Umm Kulthum's era, which at that time happened, are now at the top because the singers present in the current song were from Umm Kulthum and they did it and this it is difficult, Umm Kulthum and Abdul Wahab and Farid in the summit of singing in the Arab world, but no C & # 39; is an artist who replaces Umm Kulthum, Asmahan or Abdul Halim Hafez, and no artist compensates another artist because each artist has the his way and his voice.

The meeting ended by speaking of the artist Abdel Halim Hafez; where it was rumored to fight the artists, and stressed that this is not true, because the distinctive talent is imposed and even after his death was not compensated by one.

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