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The large global payment processor unveils the Airdropping campaign among users

CoinPayments, a global cryptocurrency payment processor, has announced an airdrop launch of its utility token: the CPS currency. The company also plans to reduce its transaction and conversion fees for token holders and improve its user interface in 2018.

Founded in 2013, CoinPayments is a global cryptocurrency payment processor with a coverage of over 1,000,000 distributors in 182 countries, says the company blog. CoinPayments offers a cloud payment solution that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin and hundreds of other coins through their plug-in interfaces, APIs and point of sale (POS).

"CoinPayments has created a special place in the world of cryptocurrency users with intuitive digital wallets, which include shopping cart plug-ins that can be easily integrated by online merchants, making them attractive to their customers," said Alex Alexandrov, founder and CEO of CoinPayments in an interview with Insight Success.

The company is ready to launch two mega projects in 2018. First, CPS Coin – the CoinPayments token – will reduce transaction and conversion fees for merchants. Secondly, a revamped version of the existing user interface, called CoinPayments 3.0, will provide online merchants and online portfolios with an "even more user-friendly" experience.

Airdrop to all users

The CoinPayments team told Cointelegraph that the company has launched a 100 CPS launch to all current users as well as new registrations on the CoinPayments platform until August 1, 2018. The value for the 100 CPS coins is € 10. users who purchase CPS coins starting May 4 will receive two CPS coins at the price of one or three per one out of a total of over € 500,000 within a 24-hour period.

The CPS currency is a utility token used within the CoinPayments platform and offers discounts and reductions for the use of various CoinPayments services. Users who wish to purchase CPS coins can buy directly from CoinPayments at a rate of € 0.10 per token.

A wide range of discounts and reductions are available for CoinPayments services, including trade commissions, conversion fees, withdrawal fees, initial coin offer (ICO) and payment method preferred in its own decentralized market.

For example, commercial commissions can be reduced to half. Merchants have the option to pay 0.5% processing fee with CPS Coin by checking a box on their account. If they choose this option, they will only have to pay a 0.25% processing fee in CPS coins based on a € 0.10 / CPS rate. If their CPS Coin portfolio does not contain enough CPS Coins to pay the commission, the required amount of CPS Coins will be purchased automatically from the CoinPayments pool using the charge collected at the time of the transaction.

As for conversion and withdrawal fees, users will receive a 50% discount if they pay from CoinPayments directly into the user's CPS Coin portfolio.

As for participation in the ICO, CoinPayments will negotiate a token allocation from ICO hosted at a discounted rate from the public ICO price and CoinPayments users will be able to participate in this allocation using CPS Coin.

Additional tokens

"As an additional incentive, users can collect 25 extra CPS coins every time a new user signs up through their affiliate link," a company representative said.

The CoinPayments affiliate program pays affiliates 25% of the transaction fees collected by all referring users for a period of 5 years. This includes commissions for commercial transactions, commissions for commercial deposits and ICO registration fees. In the future, this will also include transaction fees with debit cards, fiat transaction fees and much more.

Users can register on the company's website and follow the affiliate guide link to immediately start the referral process.

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