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The K-DISC Blockchain course finds the traction between employers IT: The New Indian Express

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Leading IT companies have shown interest in students who have successfully completed the Accelerated Block Chain Competency Development (ABCD) program conducted by the Council for the Development and Innovation of the State of Kerala (K-DISC), for recruitment.

Some of the companies that have shown interest include IBS, Faya Innovations, Uvionics Tech, Mozanta Technologies and Logidots Technologies. The ABCD program was launched in July by K-DISC to provide training on blockchain technology, which has immense job potential in India and abroad. Blockchain is a growing chain of records linked via cryptography and is being promoted to be the next game change in the technical world. K-DISC agents said that more companies have shown interest in recruiting students who have completed the training program.

The ABCD program offers a two-part certification, in which participants will obtain a Foundation Skills certificate in Full-stack and intermediate-level skills in Blockchain technology. The program for the complete stack has a duration of 124 hours, developed and provided by the ICT Academy of Kerala and is open to all graduates and professionals.

The second part of the program – the Blockchain Associate program, Developer and Architect – is developed and delivered by Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA), an advanced research and development department within IITMK.

A study by Indeed 2017 states that the Full Stack developer position had more jobs for a million total jobs and a higher year-on-year change in the post number of 2013. The entrance exam for the next batch of the program is scheduled for January 5th. Students who get good results in the entry test will receive a scholarship up to 70% tax.

For details on the exam, visit www.abcd.kdisc.kerala.gov.in or call 0471 2700813 or 8078102119.

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