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The Joy: A Startup Fusing Beauty and Blockchain

Could you describe the idea behind the Joy project and its concept of making money?

The idea behind The Joy is to develop a market of wellness and beauty, including an entire ecosystem, for customers, self-employed workers, salons and companies in the beauty sector. The Joy is a quick, easy and convenient solution for ordering beauty and wellness treatments for clients. Service providers will also use The Joy to increase their revenue and digitize their business because The Joy is also a salon management system. The salons and freelancers pay only the commissions for every order brought by The Joy; all other features, including the management system, are provided free of charge to freelance salons and professionals.

Why should people use your service, when is the Internet and the direct link to the beauty industry outlets?

Well, I hardly know anyone who books his hair or massages through the internet. Usually you search for a salon phone number on the internet or simply go to the lounge to make a reservation. But these approaches can be really difficult when the salon is closed or no one answers the phone. With the advent of digital technologies people use the services to save time and simplify things, think of booking.com for hotel reservations, Uber for booking taxis and Airbnb for booking apartments. Thus, The Joy will be the service they use for beauty and wellness treatments.

Why do you need a blockchain for this application? Why can not you use a simple centralized platform, like a call center or an application similar to Uber?

We do not position ourselves as a blockchain project. Although blockchain is certainly one of the most important tools we use for the development of our project, for example the development of a secure rating archive. Moreover, the Ethereum blockchain guarantees the issue of secure digital money (Joycoin) which is impossible to defraud. My point is that our product deserves attention as a whole platform and not just for the blockchain component.

Our platform is simple, similar to Uber and centralized to a certain extent. We have not complicated things and we have not built the entire platform on blockchain, but we have only introduced it where it made sense from the business point of view to get rid of unnecessary commissions and waiting times. Joycoins play the role of miles in FFP. We reward people with Joycoin for their business inside the platform, but compared to those miles Joycoins are liquid, safe, offer an additional discount to their owners and can be spent directly inside the platform at the equal with a local currency.

Why do you think joy is destined for success? What are the factors on which the success of the project is based?

Firstly, we had a long preparation phase started two years ago, where we conducted field trials, a lot of market research, surveys and numerous consultations with salon owners, professionals, industry executives, lawyers and etc. Secondly, the market for beauty and wellness treatments is still wild in this sense and we know that there will not be a real alternative to the product we develop. Thirdly, the tokenisation model is based on the Joycoin incentive system.

Give us five reasons why representatives of the beauty industry would be interested in working with your project.

    • Joy brings additional revenue to the salons.
    • Aesthetic and hairdressing centers receive an entire salon management system free of charge and pay only a commission for additional customers who arrive via our platform.
    • The beauty professionals will also have a logistics system that will help them keep track of their bookings and find parking spaces in the cities.
    • Companies in the beauty industry can advertise and conduct promotional campaigns within the platform.
    • Manufacturers of personal care products can acquire valuable information on the statistics of the platform, such as sales trends of users and products, and can therefore adapt their marketing and even product development.

What are the tools you will use to promote your product and what are your expected times to reach a draw?

There are a number of tools and methods that we will use, for example, targeted and contextual advertising aimed at clients looking for beauty or wellness treatments and collaboration with bloggers and opinion leaders in the field of beauty and lifestyle. An integrated bounty campaign and unique referral program will help The Joy develop organic advertising among friends of users who have already tried The Joy. We will organize meetings with salon owners during which the presentations, promotional and educational materials of The Joy will be distributed and shown. We will make public reports on professional journals for workers in the field of beauty and wellness. We will participate in thematic events and exhibitions in the wellness and beauty sector. We will also generate public reports on professional web resources and between professional communities in social networks.

Are you going to explain to your audience the advantages of using cryptocurrencies in intra-platform operations? How will you convince them to use your coins?

Within the platform, all transactions will be instantaneous as the same with any encrypted switchboard. Some users will not even know that they are dealing with cryptocurrencies. But any user at any time will be able to withdraw his Joycoins from the platform to his Ethereum portfolio. We will not have to convince them to use Joycoin, there will be no need to do it because the whole system is designed in the way a user unconsciously understands how and why he can use Joycoin; There are no barriers and all transactions within the platform will be instant and free.

What is the message you would like to go to the beauty and wellness sector right now?

The sector is too conservative and slow when it comes to digitization processes that are revolutionizing other sectors. But there are no turnkey solutions able to satisfy all participants in the beauty and wellness treatments market. As such, The Joy will be the first. Those in the industry that will not enter the digital world within the next 3-5 years will have difficulty remaining in the market. So I would advise them to join The Joy as soon as possible before it's too late.

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