The issue of Ethereum Blockchain digital marriage certificates in Nevada is approaching over 1,000 newlyweds


Slow but steady-adoption-continues-Certificates-with-Ethereum-now-available

Continue slow but steady adoption: certificates using Ethereum are now available

The blockchain has many advantages in its application, from the obvious use in Fintech infiltrates all spheres of life. Now governments are using it to further organize its records. In particular, it appears that the Nevada government has been particularly active in this matter.

According to reports from January 7, two counties, Washoe and Elko, in the state have begun to experiment and use the Etherium blockchain for security to store and distribute digital copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses. At the moment, around 950 such certified they have been released since its inception in April.

although the blockchain It allows certified to be processed in one day compared to the standard up to 10 working days of waiting, there was some resistance to automation. According to a Washoe County engineer, Hunter Halcomb, there have been encouraging comments, however, points out, "some people say," Nah, I do not use email so I do not want it ".

There may be a segment of the population that has problems with the acceptance of technology, has not prevented the United States from trying the blockchain. This is despite the fact that there is a weak interdepartmental consensus within many government agencies. Insipte of such roadblocks, there are encouraging signs that the winds of change are at hand.

Nevada is the first US state to recognize opportunities and has ruled out the nascent industry from tax obligations. Meanwhile, Colorado is also following the example of the state trying to promote blockchain innovation in the state by introducing an exemption for cryptocurrencies from securities laws. And then there's Ohio, which is experimenting with an initiative to charge taxes to businesses via encrypted.

In addition, the new governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is a well-known admirer of technology and has expressed his desire to make the most of its potential.

Not only that, there are multiple states that are trying to use blockchain or at least make changes to the laws so that the crypto industry gets the support it was looking for. This will undoubtedly benefit the financial industry and the technology industry, but applications such as digital record keeping will certainly guarantee the custody of documents in the event of a disaster. With so many uses of technology, industry certainly has many promises.

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